Sunday, March 18, 2018

Planning Commission, Monday March 19, 2018

Attend in person, 2212 Beach Boulevard, 2nd floor.  Or, view on local television or live feed Pacificcoast.TV, (formerly  If you miss civic meetings, view on PCT 26 You Tube!  The planning commission meeting begins at 7 p.m., or shortly there following.  Planning Commission updates, archives are available on the City website: City Council Agendas, and City Planning Commission.  Channel 26 television schedule, see Monday, 3/19/18.  

Image result for The Prospects, 801 Fassler Avenue, Pacifica, CA picture
Item 1.  801 Fassler Avenue, is a 24-unit
condominium development for people,
located on City empty space if it gets built.
Interactive Planning Commission agenda, 3/19/18.      Planning Commission agenda, 3/19/18, pdf pages 974.

Open Session, 7:00 p.m.  Administrative: Approval of Draft Minutes:  a) 03/05/18.  Designation of liaison to City Council meeting, 674 Corona Drive Appeal: Commissioner Nibbelin. Consent items, none.  Communications:  Public oral.  

Continued Public Hearing

1.     DP-75-14, RZ-192-14, SP-149-14, TDR-03-14, SUB 224-14, and removal of heritage tree: 24-unit residential condominium, 801 Fassler Avenue (APN 022-083-029, and APN 022-083-030), report.  Attachments:  a) Staff reports: 11/6/17, and 2/5/18.  b) Draft resolution and exhibits.  c) Project plans.  d) Supplemental Environmental Impact Report.  e) Deed restriction plan.  f) Trail network.  g) BMR Units.  h) Striping plan.  i) Flat roof alternative.  j) Land survey.

Communications:  Planning Commission, Staff, Adjourn.   


Note projects (above): City of Pacifica Planning Department, The Prospects residential project, 801 Fassler Avenue. The Fassler Avenue project and the Corona Drive project were Continued Public Hearing items at the Planning Commission meeting, 2/5/18.

Reference, development/planning acronyms.  APN, Assessor's parcel number.  CDP, Coastal Development permit. CZ, (Coastal Zone Combining) zoning districts. DP, development permit. GPA, General Plan Amendment.  LDR, low density residential.  PE, Parking Exception. PSD, Site Development permit. PV,  Permit Variance. S, Sign permit. SE, Sign Exception. SP, Specific Plan. RIA, Rent Increase Application.  SUB Subdivision. TA, text amendment (ordinance). UP, Use permit.  Zoning. California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).  CA CEQA Guidelines, Article 19, Categorical Exemptions: Class 1 categorical exemption, section 15301. Freestanding single-family residences set-back and parking, C-1, neighborhood commercial. C-3, Service Commercial.  R1, single-family residential, S, City of Pacifica Sign ordinance.  CA code, accessory (second residential) dwelling units, 65852.2.  Zoning/Planning Handouts, City of Pacifica.  RZ, rezoning.  TDR, transfer of development rights (urban planning).      Note photograph by Bob Pilgrim from Pacifica Riptide, 11/1/15, "Nightmare Prospects: Fight Fassler FUBAR."

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Stinginks comments tonight at planning shows that he should be closely monitored while playing with his leggos. The guys just a blowhard and thinks that his ideas should merit consideration at every level. Another person who jumps at the chance to grab a comment card at every event. Thanks again Diedra Martin (illegitimate council member, Keener - another destroyer of any progress in Pacifica, and Digre - just a lot of non-common sense thinking all for voting to put Stingink on planning.

Tom Clifford said...

The Planning Commission approved the 24 unit 801 Fassler Condominium Project.

Rabid Fan said...

So what kind of wise and thoughtful comments did stedook have to offer?

Anonymous said...

So it is approved ?
Hallelujah. finally something.

Anonymous said...

What about the traffic between Fassler and Vallemar?

Anonymous said...

9:05 No worries. The traffic concerns will be used by the NOBY's to steal 100's of 1,000's of dollars from the developer in hopes of bankrupting the project. It's always worked for them before. Why would this time be any different?

Markus said...

I thought the Hwy 1 congestion problem was solved with the use of Smart Lights! LOL. Anom @ 9:03 you nailed it. The traffic issues will put an end to this project and keep our great reputation of not allowing any development. I would be surprised if we even have developers vying for any future bids offering in Pacifica. Word gets around. The same few folks who want absolutely nothing to benefit the majority of Pacificans, will once again use the stolen council majority of 3 to stifle Pacifica. Their big plans for our coast, does not appear to include people. This must change in November! Please work hard and do what you can to help elect council majority that will work for the majority of Pacificans.

Anonymous said...

This November Dems MUST vote.
To switch the house and impeach the Trump Crime Family
and the Pacifica Commies in charge of the Council.

Chris Porter said...

I will again repeat myself. When a hotel was proposed at the corner of Highway 1 and Fassler many complained about too much traffic to shut that project down and then the same people said there wasn't any traffic problems when the highway widening started to gain steam. Now we will go back to too much traffic to try to shut this new project down. I've traveled this route every day for the last 34 years. Some days there is traffic (last Monday and Tuesday) and some days none (today). What causes the traffic is Vallemar School. The start time for Ingrid B Lacy is 8:57am. Do that at Vallemar and the backup will be reduced significantly.

Markus said...

Well said Chris. Personally, I don't think the pm commute has much to do with the school as it starts backing up after the school is closed. Besides, if they choose a later time to start, they will end later and right smack into the PM commute. The school has an advers affect, in the morning. I think we need 2 solve this problem of the kids being driven to and from school by parents. This will help but not solve the morning or afternoon commutes. Keep in mind that since the DS tunnel opened, many more people south of us are using Hwy 1 to commute to the City or Bart/train. We need solution in the form of mass transit service up and down Hwy 1. This notion of most vehicles having no passengers or 1 passenger,is not a good fit for a Hwy already has over capacity. Like you, Chris, I have seen all the same major issues in this city for nearly 4 decades and it's the same minor group of people pushing a big stop or endless delays not to allow anything getting done that would benefit Pacificans. They seem more concerned about wildlife and "endangered species" then people. It's very ironic that for many years they wanted to bring down the golf course pointing to the 2 endangered species they want to protect against the golfers. These 2 species live in the area because of the golf course and it's seawall (berm), protection against salty water intrusion into Laguna Salada, the habitat for the 2 species in question. They are not concerned about these species now that they are pushing "Managed retreat". This group of people are going to keep pulling the same stunts, because in their minds the end justifies the means. Also, they have theirs and everyone else is too stupid, uninformed or not aware of what's good for them. We wouldn't be having this discussion if the election in 2016, wasn't stolen from the majority of voters. Gang of hypocrites with nothing but contempt for most residents. I can't wait for the November election.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that they gave $185,000 of our tax dollars to Bob Battallio to "create" the phony sea level rise/managed retreat scenario that will decimate Pacifica. Battallio has been pushing his ideology, including the red line tactic of flood zone delineation for at least a couple of decades. Pacifica is in grave danger if they allow this illegitimate council majority to remain in place. They are controlled by an extremely sinister group of "I got mines" who only care about themselves. Cynthia Kaufman has risen in power to become their spokesperson and is on a tear to destroy democracy and capitalism in our town.
Read her books!!! She's nuts.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys we all follow this blog because we care for our city's well being. my subject is a little off the topic but relates to all our efforts to improve this great city.

I would like to offer 2 thumbs up for our city councils. The only thing I don't understand is the pro rent control ?

The Real Estate Market is based on Supply and Demand. So if they oppose to any project like condominiums or any developments eventually the demand will be more than supply and our homes will worth more and more everyday.$$$$ (Population is growing and will not wait for our councils)

On the other hand they like to pass rent control bill without building anything ????


The Demographic of any area or location is based on its peoples education and abilities and hardworking. I bet you that every normal human being love to live in Hillsborough or Beverly Hills or Atherton but we can not. Should we encourage residents in those areas to give away their property to me just because I like to live there. That is very selfish of me.

THE AVERAGE MEDIAN HOME VALUE IN PACIFICA IS ABOUT 900,000. Please do the Match. Based on Today's average Interest Rate and UNCLE SAM tax and Insurance, it will cost you about
$ 4,300 to pay for this house (This is based on 20% down Payment or $ 180,000 ).
So how in the world do you expect an owner to rent this unit for $ 2,000 (under rent control)
Look at Locations with rent control. People are complaining that my owner changes carpet every ten years. They fix all faucets instead of replacing them. It is a disaster.

It seems that some people in our city have nothing to do with REALITY.
Beside the fact, Commercial investments, Hotels all will bring Job opportunity to our cities and tax and revenue. Our kids can work now and pay for their rent or share of rent and not wait for some one to give away another person's investment or capital.
Thanks you so much for understanding.