Tuesday, February 27, 2018

City Council goal setting special meeting, Saturday March 3, 2018

Note: The Saturday, March 3rd, special City Council goal setting meeting will be held at the Police Station public room, 2075 Coast Highway. This goal setting session is not expected to be televised, but as always the public is welcome to attend.

Interactive City Council agenda, 3/3/18.        City Council agenda 3/3/18, pdf pages 38.

Open Session, 9:00 AM, Refreshments, 8:30 AM 
Special City Council work plan session priorities, FY 2018-19

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NIMBY Council majority improve City infrastructure?
1.  Goals, projects, and initiatives to be implemented in the coming fiscal year, report, pdf pages 2. 
a)  Major project/initiatives, FY 2017-18, mid-year update, 2/23/18, pdf pages 30.
Items:  1) Rent stabilization/just cause eviction/rent advisory task force, 2) Economic Development program, 3) sea level rise/local coastal plan update, 4) climate action plan implementation (CAP), 5) develop and implement cannabis policy and appropriate regulations,  6) new Pacifica library evaluation and planning efforts, 7) short-term rentals, 8) affordable housing, 9) paving program: rehabilitation projects and increasing pavement condition index, 10) Highway 1 congestion relief study of alternatives (except widening), 11) aircraft overflight noise, 12) conduct a needs assessment for new City facilities, 13) homeless issues, 14) complete general plan update, 15) introduce priority-based budgeting (PBB), 16) establish a priority development area (PDA), 17) Manor Drive overcrossing improvement project, 18) Ohlone/Portola heritage trail - rediscovering America/Portola expedition anniversary, 19) bluff erosion protection and infrastructure preservation projects: 310-330 and 400 Esplanade, 20) Beach Boulevard seawall and promenade replacement project.

b)  Environmental Scan (City data: internal and external condition information context), FY 2018-19, pdf pages 4.  
Factors:  1)  Economic/financial, 2) State, Federal political and CA Legislative, 3) technology, 4) environmental, 5) City organization planning.

Public comments, (usual 3 minutes per individual allowed)Adjourn. 
Note graphic from TED, Ideas worth spreading, Ideas about Goal-setting,"How to be a great leader." Then again, with regard to this Council majority (3), there's another "attitude" graphic from Tomorrows Youth, (Australia),"Goal setting".

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

stay home. Public input after all decisions made. Useless

Anonymous said...

Agree with 7:05.

This exercise is a complete and total farce because the individual city council members do whatever they feel like at any given moment even if it means putting the kibosh on items that they've all agreed to put on their city "to-do" list.

This nation is experiencing an ever-deepening crisis of faith in its institutions and our city council is no better on the local level. Lead onward into oblivion!

Tom Clifford said...

If you have an issue with the direction council is taking this is the perfect time to speak up. Silence = agreement. You can make all the on line you want but if you do not speak at the public meetings you are not accomplishing anything. Also if you see a problem don't just bitch bring solutions to the table.

Anonymous said...

Tom Clifford nails it. If you don't speak up in public meetings, your anonymous bitching and whining is useless.

Anonymous said...

Wake up, Tom.

Members of this council shut down the bipartisan rent control committee so they could try and ram through their own dumb ordinance. Several members of the committee appeared before council and begged them to allow them to continue to meet because they felt they were making progress. Council shut them down anyway.

And how many volunteers put in how many hundreds of hours on the library advisory committee, putting together studies, making recommendations, only to have members of council butt in and overturn everything despite never having been so a single committee meeting?

Speaking up doesn't matter a whit to this council. Total waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Ok. Don't speak up. Don't do anything. Just piss and moan on this blog. You'll get the city council you deserve.

Tom Clifford said...

You are dead wrong about the Library Advisory Committee. First, At least one council member attends each of the monthly meeting & sometimes two of them are there. The City Council accepted the Committee's most recent report and voted to move forward with the recommendations that the committee made.

The new Main library site will be were the current Sharp Park library is & the Sanchez library will remain as a neighborhood library. Now many more details must be worked out before this goes to the voters again. I for one think that new direction the Library Committee & City Council has taken will result in Pacifica having a library system we can all be proud of.

There is much work left to do and the City Council is doing its part.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that pointing out the obvious makes you so upset, 4:42, but you go ahead and knock yourself out.

I'm sure council is shaking in their boots about what you've got to say to them and you'll have them whipped into shape in no time!

Anonymous said...

I'm not upset 5:44. I'm happy that you think that speaking up is a waste of time. It means you will have no effect on what happens in this city. That's a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Why we need lots of research just for a new library in our city ????
Enough is enough. it has been years of research on this project and nothing has been done yet.
We need action and not meeting after meeting after meeting just to have a new library.

How many time we need to vote in favor of library or taking surveys or so .... .
our kids are growing up and we still are talking about where the library should be located or 30,000 or 40,000 square feet.
In the new Century, we all need good library to make sure our kids and adults have access to a research work shop, they can socialize and educate themselves and have access to computers and .... etc.
Why our city council is resistant with actions and making things happen ?
Hope fully we don't have to wait another 15 years and still talk about library.

We are at a wealthy location and still can't make anything happen. I was traveling through central valley cities near Fresno like Tulare, Visalia, ... etc and they have much better library than we do.

Anonymous said...

12:26 ... "Why we need lots of research just for an OCEAN DISCOVERY CENTER in our city ????
Enough is enough. It has been years of research on this project and nothing has been done yet.
We need action and not meeting after meeting after meeting just to have an OCEAN DISCOVERY CENTER".
Look in the mirror chumps.

Truth 2 Power said...

"More studies are needed" = "We're against the project but are too chicken to actually come out and say it"