Thursday, October 19, 2017

Measure G (marijuana operations tax) forum, this Saturday, October 21, 2017

Pacifica-Daly City Democrats Club email/H.J. Crow, 10/17/17.
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6% marijuana operation tax,
maybe more later, worth it?
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Our economy is our weed,
might as well tax it.
"This Saturday, October 21the Pacifica - Daly City Democrats Club monthly meeting will host a Forum on Measure G (on the November 7 ballot), “An ordinance establishing a Marijuana Operations Tax” in Pacifica. Although no written opposition argument was submitted on Measure G, the forum promises to be a lively and informative discussion on a wide range of issues related to our community and marijuana, including the ordinances regulating marijuana operations in Pacifica. 

If Measure G passes, how will this impact our community?
Panelists from local cannabis dispensaries, Pacifica’s Chamber of Commerce, and the educational community, as well as audience members, will undoubtedly voice a variety of opinions on these topics. 
The meeting begins at 9:30 a.m. in the rear banquet room at the Sharp Park Golf Course Restaurant.  Breakfast is available at $12, or continental at $6 or just coffee at $3.  However, no purchase is necessary and the meeting is free and open to the general public."

Submitted by Connie Menefee, President of the Pacifica-Daly City Democrats

Reference.  Ballotpedia, 9/24/17,/local ballot measures/Measure G/Marijuana operation tax.     Note photographics: Piggy from Pulse marijuana Packing Company, ".... Medical Marijuana Tax Deduction?"  Ben Franklin from Wonderland Collective/Cannabis 101, 7/3/17,"How Nevada Plans To Use Their Marijuana Tax Revenue."  Disclaimer:  the photographs and captions attitude are that of the poster (below), and were not provided by the Club or Forum members..  

Posted by Kathy Meeh


David said...

Hey, I cry foul. The Chamber can't have an opinion, Victor said so in the chamber column in the Trib this week! Is this because one of the board members runs a dispensary? How about Measure C while they're at it?

Anonymous said...

Pfft. Who cares. I get delivery from Oakland. Girls Scout Cookies, for a super ripped high.

Anonymous said...

Why pay the tax when you can get high: end of Manor across from Post Office for free or all the second hand smoke that is prevalent.

mysanity said...

Why get delivery from Oakland when it's available here? Carbon footprint and all. As far as smoking in public, even as a consumer it has never sit well with me, even I am put off by it. Perhaps it harkens back to the day it always had to be in "Secret" but the smoke does travel, and others have the right to not be exposed. I get annoyed when my neighbor steps outside for a cigarette to keep their place smoke free, but the smoke blows right into my open windows.

Anonymous said...

No stems no seeds just what you need.
Pacifica gold is bad ass weed.

Vote no. This tax is on top of the state sales tax. You know this broke ass city will immediately raise the tax to the max of 10%. that puts a 20% tax not including what the state will decide to hit it with. Legalize something then hit it big with a sin tax. Why doesn't the city tax cigarette sales? Or booze?

The city should just build a strip club at Surf Spot and contract out to run it. Tax the hell out of it. It would be the biggest tax fund ever.

Anonymous said...

I voted NO on G not because I'm against weed, I don't care if you smoke your brains each day every day all day, but because of what 3:30 says.

This city will use the tax revenue as another crutch and will continue to ignore the underlying problem which is that we've got three complete do-nothings on city council who will not under any circumstances support revenue generating projects. New library? No! New hotel? No! Housing in the quarry? No! Raise for the city manager? No! Palmetto improvement? No! Shit, Keener was against building an ADA compliant sidewalk at the upper end of Palmetto so wheelchair-bound residents could get to the Manor Shopping center from Lands End!

Vote for Keener in 2018? HELL NO!

Den-o-Sin said...

3:30, i can do you even better than a strip club: CARD ROOM!

Anonymous said...

4:59....ALL five council members support Measure G. However, Being mean to the disabled is just wicked. Karma will bite back sooner or later.

Anonymous said...


Can you please go to Skyline Jr College and take Real Estate Principles 101.

The city doesn't own the land under the surf spot so they can't turn it into anything revenue producing.

I'll give you a hint where to start, go talk to the owner of the bowling alley.

Anonymous said...

Poor medical marijuana users last cheap medicine ends 1Jan with up to 10% tax at council whim.A rent control tax ,in addition, should start out a skimpy New Year."Just Sayin".

Pacifica doesn’t need a tax base said...

Why not a brothel in the surf spot. O’Neil can be the piano player in the lobby. Kenner can be towel boy.