Monday, October 23, 2017

Out-of-towner justification for why Pacifica should spend its time on Presidential impeachment rather than filling potholes

We are undergoing a serious threat to our democratic institutions, under the dubious presidency of Donald Trump. We are very happy to hear that Pacifica is considering a resolution, on Monday Oct 23, to urge an impeachment investigation of the President. It is past time.

We are across the Bay in Alameda, and passed a resolution urging impeachment in March, 2017. You might be interested to know that along with Alameda, 15 other cities, towns, and counties have passed resolutions, and more are to come, including San Francisco. See the complete list below. As time goes on, we have increasingly urgent questions about the President’s business entanglements (foreign and domestic) and his mental stability. As you know, the Constitution vests the House Judiciary with the responsibility to investigate these kind of concerns, which go far beyond the criminal inquiry being conducted by Mueller.

Three questions come up quite commonly when cities contemplate these kind of resolutions: (1) Should cities be concerned with issues of the Presidency and the Constitution? Shouldn’t they stick with pothole repairs, the homeless, etc? (2) If Trump were to be impeached, would we be left with someone equally bad, Mike Pence and (3) What is the point of urging resolution while the Republicans control Congress? Let me briefly respond to all three, in case this is helpful:

1. City Council members take an oath to uphold the Constitution. Furthermore, cities are the closest governmental unit available and accessible to citizens. For both reasons, the city is the perfect and appropriate arena to pass on concerns of citizens which pertain to the highest office in the land.

2. We are a nation of laws. We do not fail to investigate and try people who are violating the law because it might have inconvenient consequences. Pence may be entangled in Trump’s problems and “go down with the ship”, but if not, we will deal with Pence when the time comes.

3. Take a page from the Republican playbook: didn’t they vote to repeal the ACA numerous times, over a period of years, even though each time it failed? They did so to make a point, even if they did not win. In doing so, they got publicity and stood up for what they thought was “right.” Ok. We can do that too! Furthermore, at any time, the Republicans could reach the breaking point, and champion country over party. Let’s hope this happens soon. There are certainly signs this happy day is coming, and not a moment too soon.

Best wishes for a successful vote for impeachment on Monday, October 23.

Katie and Kenneth Cameron, in behalf of Alameda4Impeachment


Anonymous said...

Council Monday night was chicken to take vote on impeach Trump resolution,because Digre,O'Neill,Vatelaus all would have voted NO.To save Keener defeat.O'Neil recommended a "softer letter"be considered, end Nov. Congresswoman Speier,State Sen Hill,Assemblyman Mullen recommended no action this year,it was said in council comments.A nation of laws:Trump wants to enforce immigration,illegal drug laws and Pacifica is illegal sanctuary city and marijuana haven.Who needs to be federally investigated?A council that can cause loss federal money for dumb political actions.We are lucky they still say the pledge allegiance.

Abby Normal said...

So another council meeting with nothing done for Pacifica. The 3 Stooges are inept and actually dangerous to our health. Digre knows better than to blindly follow these morons. What do they have on her?!

Anonymous said...

First things first-- 2 weeks from today the enlightened voters of Pacifica will defeat Measure C with a rousing NO. Say No to increased unregulated costs; Say No to property control; Say No to assure rental properties stay cost contained. That's right, Say No to assure rental properties are for everyone not just a small percentage of the population.

Anonymous said...

Say No to government over reach. Resist these commies and socialists who are whittling away at our beautiful democracy and freedom.

Anonymous said...

did o'neill save this flawed impeach effort for a rewrite when digre was voting no? Is that what I saw?

Anonymous said...

Sigh. We live in a Republic. Where an individual rights are protected. We do not live in a democracy where majority rules. Get it? Now, I am alarmed at how many refuse to inform themselves on what is currently going on. Clintons, Obama's, McCain, Kasich, Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan are all in trouble, and there are others. Clinton bribed them with money. Fusion GPS was paid for by the DNC and with McCain's help handing a false report to FBI just so they can give a reason to bug Donald J. Trump and all of his people and homes. And they still found nothing. So if you are a city council member going after Trump instead of helping your community I will go after you with a hard slap you may not recover from. GET OUT. Sigh. Please. Stop being partisan and help #DrainTheSwamp. #MAGA. #BuilTheWall.

Anonymous said...

I like Mike O'Neill and I am grateful that he is up there to help resist the illegitimate voting of the three crazy socialists. I am concerned that he throws them a lifeline of more time to better hone their goofy agendas. I believe his heart is in the right place and his actions are probably based on a flawed interpretation of better governance. Mike seems to think that appeasing these folks may lead to more fair discourse down the line.
This extremely selfish and mean group of people will NEVER return fairness and consideration for ANY reason. They always have and always will lie, cheat, steal, malign, manipulate and slander anyone who doesn't line up with their cultist agenda. The best thing to do is let them bring to a vote their screwy agenda items as they appear. Unfortunately some will pass but others will definitely fail, exposing these amateurs and their lies about how "the majority of Pacificans don't want Measure A money". "The majority of Pacificans want Sanctuary City status". "The majority of Pacificans support managed retreat". and on and on and on.
Don't give these enemies of Pacifica and democracy any breaks. They will NEVER return the favor. It is a waste of goodwill.