Monday, October 2, 2017


Many are asking what our new council majority has on their agenda. We see the deterioration of our infrastructure growing worse every day. Parts of Linda Mar Bl are almost undriveable. 

The mud slide on Highway 1 at Vallemar hasn’t been dealt with. What’s going to keep that from sliding more this winter, creating road blockages and long delays. 

These delays cost money. Lost production, opportunities lost, or just our time. 

That’s worth something. Who’s dealing with the failing sea wall on beach bl.? People’s homes are at risk. Where’s the urgency? Where’s our council’s focus? 

Recent headlines in the Tribune may offer a clue:

Referendum kills council’s end run on rent control” 05/31/2017

Sanctuary City law is brewing” 08/16/2017

Controversial coastal consultant picked” 08/23/2017

City eyes tax money from Airbnb” 09/06/2017

Council seeks limits on payday lenders” 09/20/2017

I see a common theme here. I don’t see a positive agenda. I see social reconstruction that is damaging this town. 

I’d rather see headlines like:

Council gives the go ahead to work force housing project”

Cal Trans to permanently repair Vallemar cut” 
Council chooses well known Coastal Mitigation firm”

Council embraces business” 
I’m concerned with the direction this council has led us for this year of the new majority. I’m not buying in. Pacifica needs a council that understands the vast majority of us just want our city to run well. We don’t understand the need for Sanctuary City here. The state is a sanctuary state. We don’t understand the need for our city to advocate to congress the impeachment of Trump. Aren’t there enough of those advocates out there. Why be a target. For what purpose. 
Pacifica is being broken and I’m concerned. 

Submitted by 
Jim Wagner


Anonymous said...

It is well understood that generosity comes after prosperity.
The idea of taxation also rests on this basis premise.
A tax is a apportionment of what has been earned.

It seldom works the other way. As a matter of fact it would run counter to notion of civilized behavior.

The Pacifica City Council is certifiably mental.

Twisted Tales said...


I dream of a better Pacifica!

It said...

Dream on twisted tails. Pacifica is in the grips of radical progressives with an agenda to fundamentally change this town. If there isn't some pushback they will be successful and what comes after is meaningless. Our majority better find their voice, and soon.

Anonymous said...

Those comments of "on city council/planning and you are not" i imagine are coming from our newest member to planning who was insturmental with getting Martin on Council and Niehart off. I am sure that his PADI certificate will go a long way with helping Pacifica out. Luckily no one else wanted that seat, which really doesn't matter since Digree, Keener and Martin HAD to payback for all his help to them. Thats ok, what is he going to be influential on planning about? What are we developing? Nothing.

Wagners article is spot on. Our city is currently in a tailspin for leftist goals!

Thats also fine, since the last 40 years of Nobies have left even them with nothing to work with except feel good proclamations. I am sure that someone at the next city council meeting will get their "participation" trophy for something irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

There is zero push back.

The nimbies, noobees, nimbys and gang of no run Pacifica!

Hagar the Horrible said...

Front page of Trib talks about CALPERS dropping their estimated return which for Pacifica means their bill goes up 700 to 800k a year for the next 4 years and future increases to follow. And where do our erstwhile council members plan to pull that money from? Along with the 2M that, if passed, this new bowel movement of an ordinance on rent control will cost us. More progressive bullshit that will BK our town. Don't think for an instant that the county wants this steaming pile of a city. No bailout there. Get your pocketbooks ready for sacking.

Anonymous said...

The current 3-2 majority council, busily destroying our city, reveres Karl Marx.
Nothing less than total municipal fail is before us.
Hopefully then the lunatic fringe will move on and we will have another opportunity to slowly reclaim our city and repair the devastation they've left behind.
Stay healthy everyone it's gonna take at least another 20 years to fix this mess.

Larry said...

They've give the highway repair money back to the county, want rent control and just cause eviction (property rights be damned), among other city-busting maneuvers. The 3 Stooges are a scourge that this city hasn't seen before. They gotta go.

Shut up pay more expect less! said...

Hang on to your wallets Pacifica. Recology is asking for a 6.6% rate increase!!

Chris Porter, General Manager, Recology of the Coaswt said...

Recology had a 9.7% rate decrease in 2015. We had no rate increase in 2016 and increased the curbside recycling pickup 100%. We have a 6.6% rate increase for 2018 which means you will still be paying 2.1% less than you did in 2015.

Anonymous said...

The "illegitimate Three Stooge" 3-2 majority council is the visible tip of the meanest and most divisive group of enemies of our democracy to have ever stolen control of our town.
We must educate ourselves about what is actually motivating these extraordinarily selfish people and remove them from power before they permanently kill Pacifica.
These are not normal times. There is a lunatic in the whitehouse and there are lunatics on our council.

Anonymous said...

Yet more reasons why we need Eric Ruchames on Council in 2018. Go Eric!

Nero's Fiddle Maker said...

Pacifica has a $15,000,000 pension liability we owe CALPERS. Our payment goes up by $800,000 next year which I'm sure they won't pay and move it on down the pike. 3.2M liability over the next 4 years with the expectation that will go up year 5. So what better time to introduce rent control and a new $2,000,000 bureaucracy that will ruin this city. Job well done Stooges!

Money in Wallet Disappearing Act said...

Chris, According to my Terra Nova Math classes:


Added together and divided by 3 mean:

Rates are going up 5.43% since 2015.

Cicero said...

Mr. John Nash ("Beautiful Mind")
I mean, Mr. Money, nice to see your math skills put to good use. Could you calculate our sewer fee increases over the same time period so we can contrast and compare like good students.

Anonymous said...

Money in Wallet Disappearing Act, according to my reading comprehension and math classes, assuming a base rate of $100 in 2014:

2015: $100.00 - 9.7% = $90.30
2016: $ 90.30 + 0.0% = $90.30
2017: $ 90.30 + 0.0% = $90.30
2018: $ 90.30 + 6.6% = $96.26

Therefore, in 2018, you would be paying 3.74% less than what you had paid in 2014.

Chris Porter, General Manager, Recology of the Coast said...

Hi there Mr or Ms Money in Wallet. If you reread the original post you will see it was a NEGATIVE 9.7% (so rate decrease) in 2015 so again it is a NEGATIVE 2.1% RATE INCREASE over the last three years. I guess this means your wallet is still smiling.

Poindexter said...

@Money in Wallet Disappearing Act, the 9.7% was a rate decrease. Return your Terra Nova diploma, if you got one.

Anonymous said...

Chris Porter

Can you confirm your running for City Council?

I have heard this from 5 different people.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous "There is a lunatic in the whitehouse and there are lunatics on our council." These lunatics are mutually exclusive - can't be against both. I'll take the one in the whitehouse over the 3 Berkeley-wannabee lunatics anyday.

Anonymous said...

Recology charity donations cost rate payers a bundle. Wonder how much our rates would drop if recology stopped freebies to their fav enviro groups and reduced the rate by saved amount?? Recology donations paid for by our rates. hmmmm

Anonymous said...

Extremism is so easy. You've got your position, and that's it. It doesn't take much thought. And when you go far enough to the right you meet the same idiots coming around from the left.

Clint Eastwood

Dr Death said...

Classic misdirection getting off the topic of our council f---k=== so much of this city up.
They keep this up we won't have to worry about much, our city will go into receivership and some trustee will tell us what we have to pay. That'll be nice. Recology hasn't got shit to do with the destruction of our town.

Anonymous said...

Recology is a very giving part of our community.
If the stingy, NOBY, faux-enviros want them to stop this practice, let them bring it up at a council meeting and DEMAND that they cease.
These phonies never appreciate the good things that Recology does anyway.
You know, like relocating dumpsters and taking away tons of beach garbage on cleanup days.
I'm sure Colonel Keener and Dragon Lady Martian would support this cease and desist.

Steve Sinai said...

"These lunatics are mutually exclusive - can't be against both. I'll take the one in the whitehouse over the 3 Berkeley-wannabee lunatics anyday."

That's like choosing between Hitler and Stalin.

Anonymous said...

All recology donations run on our money. Whatever they give to anyone is paid by the rate payers. Ratepayers should get the credit not recology. Recology is a city licensed and sanctioned monopoly. Recology does not need to advertise to donate our money to any enviro group. All recology has to do is pick up ratepayers garbage on time. Let the city pay for beach dumpsters.

Steve Sinai said...

^^^ Pacifica residents end up paying for it either way.

Anonymous said...

Our property taxes are sent already. Sewer increased is the highest of all the fees.

Our city keeping increasing the sewer fees and the smell on the highway hasn't gone away yet. Highway 1, still done nothing about the congestion we faced everyday. We all know that in case of a extreme emergency we will not be able to make through to the hospital,or to save a life in the valley.Or firefighters to get to destination place.
Highway 1 is getting worst. I keep track everyday.

Can anyone please come up with some solutions? We are paying our taxes,caltran and the State of California is willing to do something. Why are we allowing the none progress people to continue evolving back to time when we are living on the 21ST century?????

Chris Porter, General Manager, Recology of the Coast said...

I've said this many times before but will say it one more time, hopefully for the last time. ANY DONATIONS RECOLOGY MAKES TO THE COMMUNITY COMES OUT OF OUR BOTTOMLINE. DONATIONS ARE NOT A LINE ITEM ON THE YEARLY BUDGET SUBMITTED TO THE CITY OF PACIFICA. OUR CUSTOMER'S MONTHLY RATES DO NOT SUBSIDIZE IN ANY WAY OUR DONATIONS BUT WE FOSTER OUR OWN PHILOSOPHY OF GIVING BACK TO THE COMMUNITIES WE SERVE. We donate to all different groups in the City which in the past year included the School District, the Beach Coalition, the Pacifica Resource Center, the Pacifica Rotary, the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce, Pacificans Care, the Pacifica Fog Festival and I'm sure a few more that I've forgotten right now. This is quite a diverse group of organizations, enviro and others.

Anonymous said...

Rate payers pay for entire recology bottomline. The recology monopoly gives them a guaranteed return, high enough to pay for all the charity. Hence all donations are paid for by ratepayer fees. Lower the return, lower the ratepayer fees and charities get to pay for their own garbage pickup. Unless recology is printing money somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Save your breath Chris. You are on the naughty list with the realtors.
Anything you do is either suspect or not appreciated.
Keener, Martian, Digre and their entitled puppet masters only want one thing...
EVERYTHING !!! screw everyone else.

Anonymous said...

11:38 There is only one solution. Get rid of the incompetent socialists who stole our election.

Anonymous said...

what is total yearly cost of all Recology freebies? Anyone know? Let's add all freebies up and then reduce rate increase by that amount. Let's save ratepayers some money and probably take 2018 rate increase to zero...

Kathy Meeh (-2 + -2 = +12?) said...

935 seeming idiot, don't like the Recology "freebies to the City" contract (arranged, to some extent guided, and APPROVED) by the City; the City also takes a substantial vendor fee)?
Your issue may be with the City, which may also help with YOU understanding their contract disclosure, as well as their basic business arrangement and MATH.

Affecting most of us, residential Recology is doing a consistent, commendable job. Example, trash, garbage, and recycling are picked-up every week about the same time, week after week.
And service questions are answered by phone with assistance from helpful/customer service personnel. Perfect!

Anonymous said...

looks like council and recology both got a good thing going with ratepayer fees. I do understand the MATH-- I pay.

Chris Porter said...

You pay for your service and that's it.

I pay more, but get much less said...

We pay more for less. Recycling Center hours slashed.

It's like your $3.99 back of 20 ounces of product staying at $3.99 but now you get 16 ounces.

Recology, Comcast, PGE are all necessary monopoly evils.

Anonymous said...


I keep hearing your thinking of running for City Council. Are the rumors true?