Friday, September 8, 2017

This council is friggin nuts

Look at this agenda. This is the courtesy flush. The next one will be the city going in the toilet.

Please see the attached Full Agenda document for the following meeting:

City Council
Regular Meeting
Monday, September 11, 2017 7:00 PM
2212 Beach Blvd, Pacifica, CA 94044

Submitted by Jim Wagner

Blogmaster's comment - On the agenda are measures to declare Pacifica a Sanctuary City, and to withdraw a previous measure supporting Highway 1 widening while turning down $6.9 million that was meant to be used for highway widening.

John Keener, Deirdre Martin and Sue Digre are progressive ideologues that have forgotten their job is to run a city. I say that as someone who considers himself moderately liberal. They only care about their far-left social experiment to turn Pacifica into some kind of hippie & NIMBY utopia, and they're no better than far-right politicians who try to put prayer into public schools, defund climate science, and regulate Planned Parenthood clinics out of existence. 

Please remember, the only reason these three form a majority on council is because Deirdre Martin pursued the endorsement of the San Mateo County Democrats, which turned the city council election from being classified as "non-partisan" to "partisan". That forced VA employee Mary Ann Nihart out of the race because the Hatch Act says government employees can't run in partisan elections. That move was criticized by our US Congresswoman Jackie Speier, our State Senator Jerry Hill, and our State Assemblyman Kevin Mullin.  If Martin hadn't gamed the election to guarantee herself a seat, Nihart would be on council rather than Martin, and this issue probably wouldn't even be coming up. 

BTW - Martin's campaign manager was Cynthia Kaufman, who is also one of the leaders of the Pacifica Progressive Alliance, and author of a book called, "Getting Past Capitalism : History, Vision, Hope". I haven't read it (although if it was available through the library I would), but reading the introduction, Cynthia is very upfront when she says that she opposes capitalism. Folks, these are the kind of people currently running Pacifica. 

Rather than dealing with failing infrastructure and figuring out how to bring more revenue into town, Martin, Digre and Keener have prioritized implementing the Pacifica Progressive Alliance's checklist of goals - sanctuary city, rent control, stopping Highway 1 fixes, managed retreat, blocking any development, putting Pacifica's version of Steve Bannon onto the Planning Commission as a reward for helping force Martin's election opponent out of the council race...

Through her actions to get herself a seat on council, Deirdre Martin has proven that she has no interest in what the majority of voters thinks.  Martin, Digre and Keener are doing locally what Trump is doing nationally - caring only about the 1/3 of the voters that form their base, and making everyone else dismayed and angry.

- Steve Sinai


Anonymous said...

Holy outhouse! We're going to impeach the President! Oh, and at the same time declare ourselves a sanctuary city. Paybacks a bitch.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Steve.

Sharon said...

I don't appreciate spending my taxes to pay a partisan company for a west of the highway solution. Those funds would be better spent doing what we really need to do: build a real seawall.

Anonymous said...

Reap it. LOLOLOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Steve you are a brave and heroic man. Some day maybe I will muster the same courage to openly face off with these radical nut jobs who are destroying Pacifica. They are deviant.
Cynthia Kaufman is the "whirling dervish" who not only helped orchestrate the shameful assault on our democracy. She also proclaimed that the right wing in Pacifica killed Vreeland. Hello? Vreeland killed Vreeland. Karma is a bitch.
Her little puppet, Deirdre Martin immediately switched the council majority vote back to their destructive agenda of over regulation and curtailing private property rights and rewarded her henchman Stegink with a seat on the planning commission. Then she gave $185,000 of our taxes to Bob Battalio to write the playbook for "managed retreat" and any other little scheme they can concoct to steal our city.
These are very sick, selfish and mean people who have no shame and lie to the public that they are only trying to defend all of us from greedy capitalists.
Don't buy it Pacifica. These people are the real enemies of our beautiful town.

Beloved Blogmaster said...

12:04, you forgot "handsome".

Anonymous said...

Not my type.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Beloved Blogmaster said...
12:04, you forgot "handsome".

September 9, 2017 at 5:06 PM

I have seen you in public, Your a case of beer away from being ok!!

Anonymous said...

Many Monday morning quarterbacks think they know what's best for the city.

The no on Rent Control group is doing a big event at Shelldance.

What have you yessies done?