Monday, September 25, 2017

City Council meeting, Monday, September 25, 2017

Attend in person, 2212 Beach Boulevard, 2nd floor. Or view on local television or live feed Pacific Coast TV. If you missed meetings, view on PCT26 YouTube!  The city council meeting begins at 7 p.m., or shortly there following. City Council updates and archives are available on the City Council website.      Channel 26 television schedule, see Monday, 09/25/17.  

Interactive City Council Agenda, 9/25/17.       City Council Agenda, 9/25/17, pdf pages 406.

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Communications: Fog Fest was fun!
Closed Session, 5:30 p.m.
A.   Government code 54956.8, property negotiations, instructions to negotiators, price and terms of payment:  Friend Development Group LLC, a Delaware LLC, 2212 Beach Boulevard.  
B.   Government code 54956.8, property negotiations, price and terms of payment:  Illard Tong, 310 Esplanade (APN 009-413-010) and 320 Esplanade (APN 009-413-020). 

Open session, 7:00 p.m.
Call to order, roll call, salute to flag.  Closed Session report. 
Special presentations:  1) Fire Prevention month; 2) Local business, Royal Bee Yarn Company, Kelly and Tony Corten.

 Consent Calendar 
1.     Approval of financial disbursements FY 2017-18,
report.  a) 9/7/17.
2.     Approval of City Council meeting Minutes, report.  a) 9/11/17.
3.     Response to SM County Grand Jury report, "A delicate balance: privacy vs. protection", report.  a)  GJ report.  b)  GJ response letter.
4.     Adopt resolution: Recreation Manager job description. a) Report/resolution.  b) Job description.
5.     Adopt Senate Bill (SB) 1, highway/street repair proposed project List.  a) Resolution. b)  Project list: Manor Dr/Paloma Av Bridge deck repair; citywide curb ramps; Palmetto sidewalk, FY 2017-18 pavement rehabilitation.
6.     Community Center event usage fee waiver:  Pacificans Care, 10th annual Speakeasy Night fundraiser, report.
7.     500 Esplanade coastal protection rock revetment repair project:  contract award to Michael Roberts Construction, Inc., $1,425,534.28 from Fund 38, the Disaster Accounting Fund (90% reimbursement from City insurance and CA Disaster Assistance Act, CDAA), report. a) Construction services agreement. 
8.     Resolution to develop a green stormwater infrastructure plan: SF Bay Regional Water Quality Control/Municipal Regional Permit (MRP), provision C.3.j.:  $50,000 from Stormwater Fund 16, (estimated total cost $200,000, report/resolution. a) SM countywide workplan.
9.     Approve wet weather equalization basin project amendment 3, further environmental impact evaluation: Terraphase Engineering, amount $20,000 (total $113,783), report.  a) Contract agreement.
Oral communications. Public; Council, Staff.
Public hearings
10.    Amend various municipal text (TA) codes for accessory dwelling/secondary residential units to conform with CA legislative code 65852.2 (affecting residential property Citywide), report.
a)  Proposed ordinance.  Planning Commission:  b) resolution.  c) report 4/17/17.  d) report 7/17/17.  e) report 8/21/17.  f) Minutes 4/17/17.  g) Minutes 7/17/17.  h) Minutes 8/21/17.  i)  Written public comments.  j)  CA state: AB 2299 and SB 1069 legislation.  k) City: existing regulations.  l) Map: transit 1/2 mile poximity.

11.    Emergency Preparedness and Safety Commission (EPC) 2017 Annual Report, City report. a)  Commission report. b)  EPC Final 9/25/17.
12.    Economic Development Committee (EDC) Annual Report, City report.
13.    Ordinance making Pacifica a Sanctuary City, report/ordinance.  a)  Federal expenditures 2017- 2018- and 2018 - 2019.  b)  Senate Bill No. 54
14.    CalPERS reduction in discount rate, annual impact, report.  a) Bartel Associates: actuarial issues. 
15.    City homeless issues, report.  a) Homeless Count (1 day).  b) Outreach Team Mid-Year Report FY 2016-17.
Adjourn.     Note Fog Fest photograph from Pinterest, with link to  Pacific coast fogfest 9/23-24, 2017. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Watched Council meeting on Sanctuary City Ordinance and listened to Police Chief say we have no problem in Pacifica. Council creating a problem by approving ordinance and subjecting Pacifica to federal money loss IN MILLIONS.

Anonymous said...

Some very smart people also claim Pacifica doesn't have a meth problem!!

Anonymous said...

Sanctuary City. Any diversion will do as long as it hides the fact that the 3-2 illegitimate majority council can't manage themselves out of a paper bag.