Thursday, August 17, 2017

Elections Office representative at Democrats meeting Saturday, August 19, 2017

Pacifica-Daly City Democrats/Connie Menefee, President, email 8/15/17.

Image result for Fraud picture funnyImage result for Jim Irizarry, San Mateo County  picture"At the Pacifica-Daly City Democrats monthly meeting this Saturday, August 19, Jim Irizarry, Assistant Clerk in the San Mateo County Office of Elections, will speak about systems in place to prevent voter fraud and cybersecurity breaches, as well as efforts to promote voter confidence and transparency in our elections process.  Mr. Irizarry will also discuss SB450 (California's voter's choice act) and how it will impact San Mateo County in 2018.

This will be a particularly timely presentation:  the strength and survivability of our democracy depends on security and trustworthiness of our voting systems.  Confirmed Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, combined with President Trump's unsubstantiated allegations that massive illegal voting was the reason he lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton, have heightened concerns regarding election integrity.

The meeting begins at 9:30 am in the banquet room at the Sharp Park Golf Course Restaurant. Breakfast is available at $12, or continental at $6 or just coffee at $3. However, no purchase is necessary and the meeting is free and open to the general public."

Submitted by Connie Menefee, President Pacifica-Daly City Democrats

Image result for Jim Irizarry, San Mateo County  picture
Careful ballot processing.
Reference. Office, San Mateo County Official Election/Shape the Future.  CA Senate Bill, B-450 Elections: vote by mail voting and mail ballot elections.

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Note photographs/graphics.  Vote here from KRON 4/Emily Kirschenheuter, 6/8/16,"San Mateo County: Supes race head to runoff ..." Processing ballots from Mercury News/Eric Kurhi, 10/9/17. "Santa Clara County Officials vow to keep polls free from fraud, intimidation."  No fraud zone from Kappit Fraud Jokes.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps Mr. Irizarry will be able to shed some light on the recent illegitimate win by Deirdre Martin through the abuse of the Hatch Act.

Anonymous said...

Still shilling the fake russian narrative?? Proof. Where is the proof?

Anonymous said...

12:52 Still deflecting like the raving loon in the White House?

Anonymous said...

Mueller will be dropping the investigation into Trump's everything.

Anonymous said...

such a wishful thinking idiot.

Anonymous said...

So how is that investigation going???

Anonymous said...

Trump is headed for his fourth bankruptcy, he will be forced out of office and into jail for his extreme corruption and treason. Quick, before he tweets us into a world war.