Sunday, August 6, 2017

More "world class" economic development: dog surfing

San Francisco/SF Gate/Steve Rubenstein/Staff Writer, 8/5/17, "Surfing dogs show up to ride the waves at Pacifica beach," includes 55 slides by Paul Chinn/Chronicle; David McNew/Getty.


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I  be cool...
Image result for Pacifica dog surfing pictures
 Surfing with my human.
"It Dogs, who will do anything to please the folks on the other end of the leash, proved it Saturday (8/5/17) in Pacifica by jumping onto surfboards and attempting, much as humans do, not to fall off.was the best show in town, and it was free. Hundreds of people who had never before seen a dog ride a surfboard — along with one whale, who lingered offshore and watched from a respectful distance — showed up to witness the miracle. .... It was billed as the second annual World Dog Surfing Championships. Linda Mar State Beach was full of people and dogs, and many of the dogs were wearing sunglasses, wetsuits, clothing and fancy hairdos, it being that sort of occasion.
 .... Three dozen dogs were entered in the contest, about five times as many as last year. Dog surfing is catching on, promoters say. There are contests all over Southern California, each claiming to be a world championship.  Last year’s Pacifica champion, Abbie the Australian Kelpie, was lying quietly on the sand, awaiting her turn.
....On the beach, the fans were delighted and did not appear eager to leave, although the whale departed after a short visit. One of the dogs was to be the champion while the others would not, although the judges — taking a cue from the competitors — were still scratching their heads over the matter at press time."  Read article.

Note photographs. Guardian with surfing dog from CA Adventure Sports Journal, 8/5/17,"2d Annual World Dog Surfing Championships."  Cool dog by Rachael Myrow/KQED from SF Gate/Alyssa Pereira, 7/8/17,"Hang loose at next month's Dog Surfing Championships in Pacifica."

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Sharon said...

Don't be a curmudgeon Steve! It did manage to clog up the highway and fill up the parking lots.

Kathy Meeh (quasi-curmudgeon) said...

Hi Sharon 1203, nope not Steve, posted by Kathy-- but since the event was also "free", and "clogged up the highway and filled up the parking lots" (as you say), it was another perfect "economic development" event and once again proved that highway 1 doesn't need widening (except for delays, safety, emergency, or disaster).

Sharon said...

Here's a nice feature story I just caught about the event on NPR: