Sunday, July 23, 2017

City Council meeting, Monday July 24, 2017

Attend in person, 2212 Beach Boulevard, 2nd floor. Or view on local television or live feed Pacific Coast TV. If you missed meetings, view on PCT26 YouTube!  The city council meeting begins at 7 p.m., or shortly there following. City Council updates and archives are available on the City Council website.      Channel 26 television schedule, see Monday, 07/24/17.

Interactive City Council Agenda, 7/24/17       City Council Agenda, 7/24/17, pdf pages 166

Open session, 7:00 p.m.
Call to order, roll call, salute to flag.  Closed Session, none; Closed Session report, none. 
Image result for national marine sanctuaries near Pacifica, CA picture
Item 9. Trump plan for Marine Sanctuaries: drill baby drill.
Special presentations: Eduardo Gonzalez, Youth Leadership Institute.
Consent Calendar 
1.     Approval of financial disbursements, report, a) 6/16/17 - 6/30/17.
2.     Approval of City Council meeting Minutes, report. a) 7/10/17
3.     Response to San Mateo County Grand Jury Report, "English is not our only language.. " local law enforcement outreach programs, report. a) SM County Grand Jury Report, b) City of Pacifica response.
4.     Resolution approving CA State Department of Education providing child care and child development services, FY 2017-18, amount $720,305, report/resolution. a) Child development programs contract, b) Preschool program contract.
5.     Bi-lateral easement agreement, Sharp Park Library, intersection Palmetto Avenue and Hilton Way, report/Resolution. a) Agreement.
6.     Davey Tree Expert Company maintenance and emergency services, report. a) Contract renewal, FY 2017-18.
7.     Resolution designating the City Manager by title, the authorized hazard mitigation grant program agent (to preserve the infrastructure along/in front of 310-330 Esplanade),  report. a) Signed resolution, 5/23/16, b) proposed updated 3 year resolution.
8.     Calera Creek water recycling plant and pump stations condition assessment agreement: RMC, a Woodward & Curran Company, amount $347,200, report. a) Agreement, 7/10/17.
9.     Resolution opposing President Trump's order to review designation of National Marine Sanctuaries in the west coast region, report/resolution.
Communications - Public (Oral); City Council; City Staff. 

Public Hearings
10.    Annual Pacifica Hotel Business Improvement district report, FY 2017-18, report/resolution.
11.    Resolution accepting the sewer service charges, FY 2017-18 for collection by SM County Controller, report/resolution. a) Water consumption fee schedule. 
12.    Appoint 2 council members to a local coastal plan (sea level rise) update ad hoc subcommittee, report.
13.    Post 4th of July report (originated by police), report.
14.    Ordinance amending publication and reporting of campaign contributions and expenditure information, (introduce and waive the first reading). Chapter 8, Title 2, adding campaign filing and disclosure requirements section 2-8.05, report/ordinance pages 3-6.
15.    Repeal and rescind ordinance 814, a temporary moratorium on certain residential rent increases and just cause evictions, report/ordinance.
16.    Council voting delegate (and 2 alternative delegates) for the annual League of CA Cities conference, Sacramento, CA, September 13-15, 2017, report. a) application.
Item 9.  Related article. The Mercury News/Environment and science/Paul Rogers, 7/7/17, "Trump order that could shrink CA and Pacific ocean marine sanctuaries moves forward. Offshore oil drilling, mining could expand in CA."  Note Sonoma coastline photograph by Martin L. Nelson, VideoLab Multimedia from National Marine Sanctuaries/Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary,
"Cordell Bank and Gulf of the Farallones expansion."   

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There are pipes under your house. I dare you to pull them out.

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Ca took a loan to fix Oroville. They are blowing the crap out of oroville to fix it. No cries from phony enviro's. Pfft. Fucking partisan hacks. Go away. Or pull the pipes out of your house. They are leaking and contaminating the earth.

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As long as "they've got their's" the faux-enviro's love stuff like this, IT KEEPS PEOPLE AWAY.

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WTF are you talking about?