Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tracking Santa from the North Pole, Alaska

The countdown and flight:  from North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).

It seems Santa has many personas and identities. In Finland his name is Joulupukki,which means "Yule Goat". And in Finland he is the "Yule" of the Winter Solstice (the longest night of the year).  Many questions about Santa exist and NORAD Santa organization has attempted to answer these questions American  style.  

We know that Christmas is a Christian, Pagan and secular holiday in a series of Winter Holidays. These holidays are a time of celebration that allows most of us to think of others, and (for a time) forget about the cold weather conditions.

Anticipating the Christmas holiday is particularly advantageous for commerce, and for Santa who is frequently employed during this season (see SF Gate, 12/23/10).  Santa seems to be "everywhere".  He was  seen on the streets of Pacifica, popping into businesses, schools, non-profits and private parties-- greeting the people of Pacifica. When he popped into Fix Pacifica, he asking if you are being good?  While not waiting for that answer, he left the warmest of greetings:  "Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to all!"  Then, he was on his way.   

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