Tuesday, December 14, 2010

AT&T Pacifica Cell Failure

att cell service disappeared monday 10AM in south pacifica along linda mar blvd, oddstad and eastern Park Pacifica Ave.

Called into repair. No time for a fix. Still down right now. Same tower/cell failed last year december.

To make a modest effort in repairing the squalid ATT rep per Consumer Reports evaluation, how about a time for a fix?
John Britton

Calif ATT Media Inquiries Contacts

mark stechbart


jim alex said...

Still no service. ATT told me service would be back on today at 12:45. 3 hours wasted on the phone with tech support.

Seriously the same damned Tower that went down last year at the time failed again.

call them they are giving people $25.00 credit per day that service is down

Carmany said...

It's Vreeland's fault!

Vreeland said...

That is why sneaky Pete was absent the other night!!!

Sneaky Pete did it!!!