Saturday, June 11, 2022

City Council Meeting, Monday June 13, 2022 (with Study Session 5:00 p.m.)

The City has returned to virtual meetings, and Council, Commissions, Committee meetings will not be held in person at this time .
Complying with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Disease Notice (fully detailed on page 1 of the City PDF link below):  this civic meeting will not be physically open to the public, and will be held through teleconferencing.
This Planning Commission meeting may be viewed and virtually participated in on ZOOM: .  Dial-in is also available 1-669-900-6833 , (webinar ID 853-3533-1311). .  
This City meeting may also be viewed on
the City website livestream .  And is televised on local cable Pacific Coast Television, PCT/Pacifica Channel 26 (Additionally PCT also links their program calendar, and recent coastside civic meeting videos).
For more information or public comments,  see pages 1 of the pdf agenda below
  1) Live access is available through Zoom and dial-in: during the public comment period, press 9 to raise your hand; when called upon, provide the last 4 digits of your phone number.   Or, 2) comments for the record only prior to 4 pm date of the meeting may be submitted to  1) In the subject line be sure to specify whether oral
communications or an Agenda item and the number, 2) in the text include your full name, 3) limit your text to no more than 350 words.    Note: many of the pdf links below currently redirect to the City (requires an extra step).

 Interactive City Council Agenda, 6/13/22     City Council Agenda, pdf pages 502.

Study Session, 5:00 p.m.
Annual Commission and Committee Reports and Presentations to City Council.
Commissions:   1. Planning:  a) Report. b)  Presentation.   2.  Parks, Beaches and Recreation:  c) Report.  d) Presentation.   3.  Emergency Preparedness and Safety:  e) Report.  f) Presentation.
Committees:   4.  Beautification Advisory:  g)
Report Present    5.  Economic Development:  h) Report.   6.  Open Space and Parkland Advisory:  i)  Report Presentation.

Open Session, 7:00 p.m.
Administrative: call to order, roll call,reading of Land Acknowledgement (ancestral homeland of the Ramaytush
Ohlone peoples). salute to the flag.  Closed Session Report.  Public Hearings, none.

A.    Proclamation:  Pride Month, June 2022.  

Consent Calendar
Approval of financial disbursements (checks), FY 2021-2022:   a)
4/16/22 -4/30/22.  a) 4/16/22 - 4/30/22.
2.    Approval of Minutes:
a) 5/23/22.
3.    Proclamation continuation: a local emergency, Coastline from Westline Drive to the end of Beach Boulevard, report.  a) Proclamation.
4.    Proclamation continuation:  a local emergency, Anza Pump Station, report.  a) Ratifying Proclamation.
5.    Proclamation continuation:  a  local emergency, Novel (new) Coronavirus (COVID-19), report.  a)  Ratifying Proclamation.
6.    Approve required AB 361 findings to consider a Resolution allowing City Commissions and Committees to conduct teleconferenced meetings due to COVID-19 Health and Safety Concerns, report/Resolution.  a)  Full text of AB 361.  b) Ratifying Resolution.
  Approve Agreement, Task Order #2, with Davey Tree Expert Company for tree Maintenance Services for public right-of-way and City properties,
report.  a)  Master Agreement.   b) Task Order #2.
Approve Amendment #1 to the Chesterwerks Construction Services Agreement for the Civic Center Campus Facilities Project,
report.  a)  Amendment 1.  b)  Construction Services Agreement, approved 2/10/22.
9.    Approve Resolution authorizing and designating the City Manager and City Engineer to accept interests in real property (such as public use easements and right-of-way dedications) on behalf of the City,  report/Resolution. 
Introduction of "an Ordinance Amending Article 1 within Chapter 1, "City Council" of Title 2 of the Municipal Code relating to Rules and Procedures for City Council Meetings, (
CA Government Code 36813), report/Ordinance.
Public oral communications (in person or telephone).
Council communications, Staff communications.

Public Hearings
11.   Introduce an Ordinance establishing a Utility Street Pavement Cut Fecovery Fee, and adopt a Resolution setting rates for the utility pavement cut and the construction vehicle impact, adding both fees to the City's Master Fee Schedule,
report/Resolution.   Reports: a)  Utility Cut Impact Fee.  b)  Heavy Vehicle Impact Fee.   Adopting Ordinances: c)  Utility Pavement Cut Recovery Fee.  d)  Heavy Vehicle Impact Fee.
Consider adopting a Resolution confirming the Annual Report from the Hotel Business Improvement District (BID), approving the program expenditures, and assessing the levy for FY 2022-23 at the same rates as FY 2021-23, 
report.  a)  BID Annual Report (Final) 2022-2023.   Resolution options:  b)  Levy the Assessment- Option 1.  c)  Intent to Order Changes - Option 2.

General Municipal Election (11/8/22), notice and related service issues: 1) General Election, 2) Sale and Use of State-approved "Save and Sane" Fireworks,
San Mateo County Service Agreement.  b)  Ordinance/District Map (page 4).
  Short-term Rental (STR) Program update,
15.  Program Options and Proposed Budget, FY 2022-2023,
report.   General Fund (recommended):   a)  Budget Options (summary).   b)  Additional Resources.   c)  ARPA-Funded Additional Resources.   d)  Revenue Enhancements.   e)  Budget Transfers.   f)  Additional Resources.   g)  Projected Fund Balance Schedule.

Other City News, with weekly updates:  Facebook/Connect with Pacifica.   Pacifica Tribune, (news on line and newspaper).     
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