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City Council Meeting, Monday November 8, 2021

This City Council meeting may be viewed and virtually participated in on ZOOM ,  or  through the City website livestreamDial-in is also available 1-669-900-6833 .  Also, this City Council meeting will be televised on local Pacific Coast Television PCT/Pacifica Channel 26 PCT also links their program calendar, and recent coastside civic meeting videos.   
Complying with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Disease Notice (fully detailed on page 1 of the City Council PDF link below):  this civic meeting will not be physically open to the public, and will be held through teleconferencing.   
Public comments, see pages 1 and 2 of the pdf agenda below.  1) Live access is available through Zoom and dial-in: during the public comment period, press 9 to raise your hand; when called upon, provide the last 4 digits of your phone number.   Or, 2) comments for the record only prior to 4 pm date of the meeting may be submitted to  1) In the subject line be sure to specify whether oral communications or an Agenda item and the number, 2) in the text include your full na
me, 3) limit your text to no more than 350 words.  Note: many of the pdf links below currently redirect to the City (requires an extra step to open).

Closed Session, 6:30 p.m.
Conference with legal council:  Existing litigation, Government code 54956.9:  Geary et al. v. City of Pacifica, United States District Court, Northern District of CA (San Francisco), Case 3:21 cv-01780VC.  (Also see Consideration, Item 12  below.)

Interactive City Council Agenda, 11/8/21.       City Council Agenda 11/8/21, pdf pages 227.

Item 13. Redistricting:  District 3, add San Bruno; or
 join District 5, with Daly City, Colma, and Bribane

Open Session, 7:00 p.m. 
Administrative: call to order, roll call, reading of Land Acknowledgement (ancestral homeland of the Ramaytush Ohlone peoples). salute to the flag.   Closed session report if any. 
Public Hearings, none. 
Special Presen
A.    Proclamation and Special Presentation:   Pacifica Veterans Memorial Group.
B.     Proclamation:  Pacifica United Against Hate Week.

Consent Calendar
of finan
cial disbursements (checks), 9/1/21 - 9/15/21:  a)
FY 2021-2022.
2.    Approval of Minutes:   a) 
10/22/21 (Special Meeting).  b)  10/25/21 (Regular Meeting).   c)  10/29/21, (Special Meeting). 
3.    Proclamation continuation: a local emergency, Coastline from Westline Drive to the End of Beach Boulevard,
report.   a) Proclamation.
4.    Proclamation continuation:  a local emergency, Anza Pump Station,
report.  a) Resolution ratifying Proclamation.
5.    Proclamation continuation:  a  local emergency, Novel (new) Coronavirus (COVID-19),
report.  a) Resolution ratifying Proclamation.
6.    Adopt a  Resolution required by AB 361) to permit City Council and City Committees and Commission to continue conducting teleconferencing meetings due to health and safety concerns related to COVID-19, report/Resolution.   a) AB 361 (full text). b) Resolution ratifying Local Emergency Due to COVID-19.
7.    Informational update on preparation for return to In-Person Meetings,
8.    Financial Report, First Quarter, FY 2021-22,
report.  a)  Report, 7/1/21 amended 7/21/21 - 9/30/21.
9.    Treasurer's Report, First Quarter FY 2021-22,
report.  a) Treasurer’s Report 7/1/21 - 9/30/21.
10.   Adoption of Operating Agreement between the City and the State for operation of Pacifica State Beach,
report/Resolution. a) Agreement (Final).
Council communications, Staff communications.  

   Consideration of 1) adoption of a Resolution approving execution of a settlement agreement between the City and plaintiffs, Sean Geary, Linda Miles, Jared Carr, Harry Bode and Stephen Sanders; and approving a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Pacifica Resource Center (PRC) for development and implementation of a safe parking permit program; and 2) Adoption of a Resolution authorizing a temporary, full-time community Service Officer position in the Police Department for under-housed liaison services and oversized vehicle enforcement,
report.  a) Resolution.  b) Settlement Agreement.  c) MOU with PRC.  d)  Resolution Authorizing a new Temporary Community Service Officer.

   Discuss San Mateo County Board of Supervisors redistricting boundaries map, two proposed map changes suggested  by an advisory commission (draft), 2021,
1.  The "Unity Map" keeps Pacifica in the coastal District 3, and adds San Bruno.
2.  The "Commissioner Espinoza Map" draws Pacifica into District 5 with Daly City, Colma, and Brisbane.
The Board of Supervisor will review Commissioner recommendations and hear additional public comment,  report.   a) 
Public hearing 11/9/21.  b) Unity Map.  c)  Commissioner Espinoza Map.
14.   Introduction of a Municipal Code "Mandatory Organics Waste Disposal ordinance, in compliance with SB 1383,
report/Ordinance.  a)  Food Recovery MOU with County.

Other City News, with weekly updates:
Facebook/Connect with Pacifica.   Pacifica Tribune, (news on line and newspaper).    
Note San Mateo County map graphic (2011) from
  Sustainable San Mateo County.
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