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Tom Lantos Tunnels back-up power system is in place, more to go

CA State Government/District 13, Senator Jerry Hill Press Release, "Utilities, State agencies and law inforcement make strong progress to improve power, internet and communication services for San Mateo County coastside communities", 7/6/19

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Linda Mar district, night of 3/12/19
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Tom Lantos Tunnels at Devil's Slide
....  A series of power and communication service outages beset coastal communities earlier this year. One of the power failures led to a lengthy closure of the Lantos Tunnels at Devil’s Slide, a crucial link for coastal communities and for motorists traveling to and from central San Mateo County. The tunnel closure revealed gaps in interagency communications. Taken together, the problems prompted community concerns about frequent utility outages, the length of time it took to resolve them and public safety.

....  Redundant lines to provide electrical power to the Tom Lantos Tunnels are now in place, according to PG&E’s Darin Cline, who attended the meeting. The improvement, he said, greatly reduces the likelihood of outages due to power failures, which can lead to closure of the tunnels.

....“We recognize that the Coastside is concerned about being cut off in the event of an emergency, and we have made some real progress to be sure that won’t happen,” said Supervisor Horsley. “Residents are also concerned about telephone and internet service, and we are working with the agencies to strengthen the network and connectivity.” 

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Note graphic and photo. Eyes in the dark from Counter Currents/Muzamil, 7/22/16,"Kashmir blackout..." Tom Lantos Tunnels from flickr/bubbletea. 

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