Sunday, October 21, 2018

NIMBY Civility on Display

Posted by Steve Sinai


Mr. Hanky said...

Pacifica Progressive at their finest. This is just oozing civility. Along with the sign snatching. Keeping it classy gang!!

Anonymous said...

This represents the attitudes of NIMBYS. We vote for SUE since she cares for city's improvement and development. These low level actions would not change the reality. People have not seen any major changes in years in this beautiful city and are fed up with it. A lot of home owners in our city who have dedicated much higher tax in real estate , ... etc are pro development. We need to bring all investors back like Paul Heule ( If I am spelling correct )
We can not afford to loose again or our city will be bankrupt.

Markus said...

The end justifies the Means, is a way of life for extremists on the left and right. This is a prime example of how they roll.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she cut someone off on the highway. Or it was an inside job. Or a protest against royal purple. Or...who knows.

Anonymous said...

Politics is a dirty business.Anything goes to win.Ask Mary Ann Nihart how your enemies can do you in?You have to be heartless or you lose

Anonymous said...

Until and unless Pacifica repudiates the slimy dirty tricks pulled by Deirdre Martian, Cynthia Kaufman and Dan Stegnick to steal the election from Mary Ann, our city will never get off the "road to ruin". Just like Trump and his stupid minions are wrecking America, the NOBIES are wrecking Pacifica as they line up behind their lying leaders.
When will the normal people of Pacifica realize what's happening, grow a spine and throw these defects out of office?

Keepin' it Real said...

In 2016, the Pacifica Politburo Alliance had NO PROBLEM with Stegink calling up Nihart at work or "checking up on her" when she went to out-of-state conferences, all in a (successful) effort to disenfranchise the voters. Called to complain day after day after day after day about Nihart's campaign. Nope, couldn't let Pacificans vote for who they wanted to.

And not a peep from the PPA types about this. No disavowing this behavior. Progressive, my ass! Complete radio silence. In fact, IN THE MOST AMAZING COINCIDENCE EVER, Stegink was put on the Planning Commission that same year! Eight people were nominated for the open seat, but...somehow...out of eight people...Keener, Martin and Digre all voted for Stegink on the first ballot. Wow, what an amazing, amazing coincidence, isn't it?

But now a mailer goes out pointing out that Keener voted against highway funding and it's Pants Shitting Time.

Give the crocodile tears a rest, you two-faced charlatans.

Anonymous said...


Of course he so-called “progressives” are soiling themselves over this ginned up freak out because they’ve got nothing to run on.

Two of their candidates have just begun serving 18 months of court monitored criminal probation. The two others want you to vote for them so they can turn around and not protect your homes from sea level rise. And we won’t even try to help because we’re too poor and, sorry, there’s just nothing that can be done about it!

Can you imagine it? Vote for me so I can give up and do nothing for you. What an inspiration!

Their collective platform is a gigantic shit sandwich that normal people won’t have any part of, so of course they’re trying to distract in any way they can.

Anonymous said...

Let's check in with our candidates for the latest...

John Keener: "Pacifica is too poor to do anything and I sure as hell won't lift a finger to improve it, so vote for me!"

Adonica Fraud Porter: "Hi, I'm currently the Inspector General of San Mateo County, I've just been endorsed by Abraham Lincoln, and am serving 18 months of court supervised criminal probation, (it's all just a huge misunderstanding, lol!). Although I serve on the San Mateo Healthcare for Farmworkers Board, I'll always have time for Pacifica because I never show up to those board meetings. Ever!"

Bridget Duffy: "I'd kick your ass if I wasn't already serving 18 months of court supervised criminal probation for trying to kick someone's ass over a parking space, and this ankle bracelet isn't making things any easier on the ass-kicking front either!"

Mary Bier: "Cynthia Kaufman isn't answering her phone, so obviously I have no comment!"

The Great Cornholio said...

3:19, thanks for that moment of levity! hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

11 days out. What does the PPA slate have to say for itself today?

John Keener: "I'm proud to say that my campaign has refused any money from outside groups just like I've refused all money from outside agencies to help fix our roads!"

Adonica Fraud Porter: "I'm a San Mateo Prime Minister and have the endorsements of Steve Jobs and Janis Joplin. If elected, I will be a strong advocate for those who have been ignored in our community for far too long: Pacificans serving 5 days in jail and 18 months of criminal probation for a hit and run while driving on a suspended license."

Bridget Duffy: *disappears in a cloud of pot smoke*

Mary Bier: "Oh god, I can't get Peter Loeb on the phone either. Still no comment!"

Anonymous said...

What does the SAMCAR3 have to say for itself today?

Mike O'Neill: "I didn't lie. And I'm not lying now. I'm both for and against managed retreat."

Sue Beckmeyer: "I can't do anything about the attacks on John Keener. I'm not controlled by the big real estate money from out-of-town organizations that I've received. I'm not in control of my campaign at all."

Vickie Flores: "I don't know anything about what's going on."

Anonymous said...

@ 11:56 Is that the best you can come up with? It makes no sense at all and is actually a bit sad.
Mike O'Neill has been fighting managed retreat at every turn. That Keener's campaign manager from 4 years ago is now managing Sue Beckmeyer's campaign should tell you a whole lot. And you obviously know nothing about Vickie Flores. Just sad.

Markus said...

IMHO, The 4 mailers paid for by the Real estate PACs, were a little counterproductive. I am guessing many Pacificans, not in the know, saw Keener as a victim and not a villain. The mailer paid for by the Pacificans for Responsible Government against Reelection of John Keener, was much more effective in that it showed captions of Trib articles and wasn't paid for by the "evil" Real estate PACs. We all know how quickly they jump on this.

Steve Sinai said...

The mailers from the California Association of Realtors are undercutting the efforts of local groups trying to replace Keener.

Anonymous said...

I'm back to check in on our PPA candidates once again. What do they have to say?

John Keener: "Vote for me so I can vote no on everything. No one votes no better than me!"

Adonica Fraud Porter: "I'm the UN Ambassador for San Mateo County and have the endorsement of Bobby Jindal's second cousin. Vote for me because I'm ready to hit and ru-, I mean, hit the ground running!

Bridget Duffy: "Don't even think of parking in my spot!"

Mary Bier: "Why isn't anyone answering their phones?! I don't know what to do or say!"

Anonymous said...

One week to go. What do our fab PPA candidates have to say today?

John Keener: "Vote yes for me so I can vote no for you!"

Adonica Fraud Porter: "I'm the Chief Justice of the San Mateo County Supreme Court. My experience as an astronaut has taught me to be in favor of all the good things, but to boldly stand up against the bad things. I'm for that. Can someone give me a ride home?"

Bridget Duffy: "The earth is flat, but not flat like a circle. Flat like a triangle!"

Mary Bier: "Vote for me because...uh...because....oh god, why won't Cynthia Kaufman pick up her phone!!!"