Sunday, August 5, 2018

Excerpt from Pacifica Tribune publisher's column


Three seats are up on the Pacifica City Council and the hottest topic in town is whether managed retreat should be an option for Pacifica.

I am of two minds: No and hell no.

There may come a time, if the worst case scenarios on climate change come true in, say, 150 years from now, when managed retreat might begin to make sense. But that time is not now. I say when it comes to our land, our beaches, our homes, our businesses and our beautiful golf course, we fight for every inch of soil and sand we can keep.

I hope those running this election cycle declare themselves on the issue of managed retreat. People want to know before they vote.

Submitted by Mark Stechbart.


Anonymous said...

google "hothouse earth" for news from august 6th and 7th.

Pissed of Paul said...

Take a look at the final draft that our managed retreat loving consultants have prepared for the city. Managed retreat all over it. You'd think no one ever pushed back which is bullshit. It has been constantly brought to the city's attention that managed retreat will damage this town unnecessarily. We were all ignored. There it is, managed retreat on every one of their assessments. This town is doomed unless we get a rational city council. We have that opportunity this November. Vote wisely.

Larry said...

And what would that "news" tell us Anon 11:35?

amy vegan said...

@larry. read it for yourself. and then read this.

Anonymous said...

This site is turning into Riptide 2.0. With all this global warming, managed retreat, booohaaa BS>

Professor Irwin Corey said...

OK all you people who think sea level rise is the next end of days. You all want us to go to school, how about you take a class.

Otvious Broll said...

Dear World, if you don't heed my concerns about global warming, the coming apocalypse of species extinction, you will get a strongly worded letter from me.

STAY CONCERNED .. OR ELSE I will flood you with meaningless blather from entertainment news channels and pseudo scientific global warming gobbledygook.