Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Trump ICE pick: Politicians who run sanctuary cities should be charged with crimes

Well, interesting that Pacifica put themselves in the bulls eye with their useless vote to become a sanctuary city just weeks before the state became a sanctuary state. 

To what purpose you might ask? Ask Keener or Martin, or Cynthia Kaufman, the shadow 6th council member. 

Who would it be easier for the feds to come after, the state or some small, broke, progressive wanna-be Pacifica to make a point?"

Thanks council for nothing.

Submitted by Jim Wagner 


President Trump's pick to run Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on Tuesday called for a crackdown on so-called sanctuary cities, saying politicians who help run them should be charged with crimes.
In an interview with Fox News' Neil Cavuto, ICE Acting Director Thomas Homan said the Department of Justice needs "to file charges against the sanctuary cities" and "hold back their funding."
Homan, who was announced in December as President Trump's pick to permanently run the agency, went on to say that politicians enforcing sanctuary city policies need to be held "personally accountable."
"We gotta take [sanctuary cities] to court, and we gotta start charging some of these politicians with crimes," he said.
His comments came during a discussion about California Gov. Jerry Brown (D), a staunch defender of protections for undocumented immigrants who in October signed a bill declaring California a sanctuary state.


Tear in your beer said...

Yesie's are alway bitching. You will never be on city council. Let them do their job. Seriously, get back to work and mind your own business.

Anonymous said...

"Mind your own business"? What the city council does IS my/our business. We live here, we pay taxes here, and they represent us, so "let them do their job" means they should be doing what's best for all of the people they represent and not making Quixotic tilts at things wanted only by a few insiders with agendas.
It was bad enough that this council gave away the funding that we'd all been paying into for 25 years to upgrade Highway 1. That was your money and mine that they gave away! We should all feel as if we'd paid into a layaway fund, then at Christmas, found out that the people running it had given it all away and got nothing in return and there was nothing we could do about it. Then they ignore the important issues facing the city and chase after pointless ones like making us a sanctuary city? Damned right I'm bitching! The November elections can't come soon enough!

Murray fan said...

I believe that the morons on city council sent upwards of ten million dollars (that's $10,000,000) back to the county. The county must be roaring. To what end? Only they know. You can bet your sweet bippy that they aren't commuting in that mess. Sanctuary city! As Murray would say "Morons".

Anonymous said...

Sanctuary City:For homeless and illegal pot businesses. ICE and DOJ prosecutors are coming for Pacifica Council.Good that no impeachment letter went to Attorney General Sessions to increase unwanted scrutiny.

Hormonal on Hillside Drive said...

Please review county link.

Steve Sinai said...

Did you see the front page of the Tribune? All about the homeless in Pacifica. I've been hearing for months that after sanctuary city, rent control, weed shops, blocking highway widening, and managed retreat, homelessness is the next item on the Pacifica Progressive Alliance's TODO list for it's three NIMBYS/hippies on city council.

I can't help but think they used the Trib's Jane Northrop to make it seem as if this is a problem that the community demands be addressed, when the reality is the PPA et al., have been planning to do this all along.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how the Three NOmigos treat city council as a platform from which to espouse political policies rather than focusing on actual issues of city governance.

Our infrastructure is literally crumbling before our eyes, our police is stretched so thin that it no longer has the manpower to proactively enforce traffic laws, our budget is perpetually inadequate to meet the city's payroll, AND we've got a pension obligation cliff racing towards us beginning this year. But no, somehow, despite all this, all this means it's a perfect opportunity to waste the city's time on sanctuary status, impeachment, rent control, and sternly-worded letters to the FAA about how we're really getting steamed about these planes!

These Three No-Nothings think they've been given a mandate, but they only got 33% or less of the vote and one was only "elected" because her supporters ginned up false complaints against a fellow candidate. Anything requiring the public to weigh in puts the lie to the idea of their mandate (see: rent control). Just because you're warming a seat up there on the dais doesn't mean you've got a mandate, geniuses.

Anonymous said...


The political ineptitude demonstrated by Keener/Martin/Digre is pretty shocking. I think they really believe that because they hold the majority on council, they represent the views of the majority of Pacificans. But nothing could be further from the truth.

If they were truly politically savvy, they could do some real damage, but it's obvious they don't know what they're doing and are "going for broke" rather than working to reach consensus on things which would increase the chances of those policies being enacted. Look at how rent control panned out. Not only didn't they get it through, their efforts actively made renters' lives WORSE, so their brand of identity politics are worse than ineffective. Think of what might have been possible if they hadn't disbanded the Renter's Task Force and worked with ALL stakeholders towards something a little less disruptive. But, nope, gotta grab for the brass ring!

As Steve points out, this sort of thing has the dirty fingerprints of the Pacifica Peoples' Alliance all over it, where the ends justify any means and "making concessions" is a phrase that doesn't exist. Kaufman specializes in belittling and looking down upon those not so fortunate as to be as enlightened as her. You see this behavior mirrored by the three on council and it bites them in the ass every time one of their cockamamie ideas requires public buy-in.

Fireman Bob said...

Call the fire department in an emergency and you're liable to get a firefighter that has been on shift for 20-30 or more hours. They're exhausted. Talk to one. They responded to all these fire like so many others and those left here had to fill the shifts. The fire authority says it's the cities responsibility and the city says it's the fire authorities. Convenient hot potato game. Meanwhile, Pacifica has an inadequate number of firefighters to do their jobs effectively or safely. Come on council, now you're putting lives in danger!

Super Fan said...

Dear Mayor Keener,

Don't listen to these rejects. I urge you to put impeaching Trump on the Pacifica city council agenda AGAIN. Fourth time's the charm as they say, eh?

It's important that we let the United States government know how this coastal town feels about its president. After all, it's not like we have someone know...represents us on the Federal level who we could go to and express our feelings about Trump to and who know...also preside over any potential impeachment hearings.

But since we don't have someone know...Jackie Speier who's job is to do exactly what you're looking to do, I URGE you to waste a couple more dozen hours of the city's time on another impeachment snipe hunt.

Yours truly,

Your Number One Fan

P.S. When can we expect to see the issue of North Korean missile launches placed on the agenda?

Anonymous said...

FAA should be abolished.Next Gen is a failure.No wonder City is upset over Pacifica being dumped on!Noise pollution,that is!

Biting The Hand That Feeds You said...

I think the one thing that bothers me the most about this crew is how Pacifica relies so heavily on its volunteers, but Keener, Digre, and Martin not only sabotage the efforts of these community groups, they actively work against them! Unbelievable!

Eric Ruchames suporter said...

All of the above is why we need Eric Ruchames on Council.
But a newt that jumped on my forehead told me he had a dream of a crystal ball that said that O'Neill is running for supervisor, someone pls. call Len Stone or Mary Ann or Karen ERvin to come back....

Anonymous said...

O'Neill running for Supervisor against Horsley? Good. He'd lose and then we'd be rid of him.

Anonymous said...

Horsley may be termed out. He has had two terms. So O'Neill, Mary Ann, Stone, anyone could run for that seat on the board.

Anonymous said...

Horsley is not termed out after 2 terms. San Mateo County supervisors get 3 terms.

Unknown said...

Mike O'Neill is the only person on council who has consistently stood up for integrity and common sense. It would be very dangerous to lose his presence on the council.
The cult from which the three amigos has sprung has been nothing but a slap in the face of Pacifica's volunteer force. They've disbanded or co-opted any commission which dares to stray from their pre-determined agenda. Of course Deirdre's ability to lie as easily and as often as Vreeland ever did is a particular challenge that must be carefully documented to expose her modus-operandus.