Saturday, December 9, 2017

City Council meeting, Monday December 11, 2017

Attend in person, 2212 Beach Boulevard, 2nd floor. Or view on local television or live feed Pacific Coast TV. If you missed meetings, view on PCT26 YouTube!  The city council meeting begins at 7 p.m., or shortly there following. City Council updates and archives are available on the City Council website.      Channel 26 television schedule, see Monday, 11/27/17.  

 Interactive City Council agenda, 12/11/17.      City Council agenda, 12/11/17, pdf pages 156. 

Closed Session, 5:30 p.m.
Image result for Mike O'Neill, Pacifica, CA picture
Items 13, 14. Thank you Mike O'Neill
for your years as Mayor!
A.     CA government code 54956.8, property negotiations, instructions to negotiators, price and terms of payment:  Friend Development Group LLC, a Delaware LLC, 2212 Beach Boulevard.  
B.    CA government code 54956.8, property negotiations with Brendan Murphy, price and terms of payment:  A portion of 540 Crespi Drive, APN 022-162-420.
C.    CA government code 54956.9 )d) (1), existing litigation:  Scenic Coast v. CA Dept of Transportation, et. al., San Mateo Superior Court Case DIV523973.

Open session, 7:00 p.m.  Call to order, roll call, salute to flag.  Closed Session report.  Proclamations, none. 
Special presentations.  1) HIP  Housing, Alie Sobczak.  2) Beautification Advisory Committee Mayor's Awards.  

Consent Calendar   
1.      Approval of financial disbursements (checks), FY 2017-18,
report.  a) 11/3/17 - 11/14/17.
2.     Approval of Minutes,
report.  a) 11/27/17.
3.     Proclamation confirming existence of a local emergency, coastline Westline Drive to end of Beach Blvd, report.  a)  photographs, 12/6/17.
4.     Cancel City Council meeting, 12/26/17, report.
5.     Establish and adopt zone regulation ordinance limiting number of Alternative Financial Services (AFS) businesses, and require a use permit requirement for operation, exempt from CEQA (second reading), report/ordinance.
6.     Amend the Emergency Preparedness and Safety Commission ordinance to increase membership (second reeading), report/ordinance.
7.     Resolution declaring results of the 11/7/17 consolidated municipal, school and special district election, report/resolution. a) Certification.
8.     Change order #1, Collections System Project FY 2016-16 COO5D: C2R Engineering, amount $60,000. Wastewater Enterprise Fund 34, report.  a) Contract and change order, revised budget $614,758.65.
9.      Approve commercial and industrial stormwater inspections and related services: Eisenberg, Olivieri & Associates, Inc., not to exceed $50,000 each year or $200,000 for duration of the contract,  report. a) Agreement.
10.    Resolution supporting Manor Drive Overcrossing Improvement Project, and authorizing application requesting Measure A Highway Program Funding (grant from .05 cent SM county highway improvement taxes), report/resolution.
11.     Approve the 2016-17 City new developer mitigation annual fee report, (State AB 1600, Mitigation Fee Act, 1987), report.  a) City AB 1600 report 6/30/17, 11/22/17 revised.
Oral communications. Public; Council, Staff.  Consideration items, none. 

Public hearings
12.    Recology of the Coast contract franchise agreement (12/31/2022):  2018 rate adjustment, report, resolution. a) rate schedule, (6.66% rate increase over 2017).  b) Recycled tonnage 2017 (ROTC) interim 2017 report.  c) Notice of public hearing, 12/11/17.
13.   City council reorganization. a) Outgoing Mayor's remarks.  b) Presentation to the outgoing Mayor. c) Selection of new Mayor. d) selection of new Mayor Pro Tem. e) incoming Mayor's remarks.
14.    Adjournment followed by refreshments.     Note photograph from City Council, Mike O'Neill vote history. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Thank for what? O'Neil has been an empty chair on city council!!

Kathy Meeh (Is an empty chair Anonymous with an attitude?) said...

Oops, in your brevity and "cheap shot" attitude, think you have failed to make your point, and missed Mayor Mike O'Neill's voting history too (last item on the article).
Five city councilmembers: 3 NIMBIES (Keener, Martin, Digre), 2 progress (O'Neill, Vaterlaus). Results favor NIMBIES (hence, nothing or chaos for Pacifica).

Unfortunately the 3 NIMBIES (city council majority) have not been empty chairs, and the 2 progress City councilmembers are outnumbered.
You do understand that, don't you???? But who knows who you are, and what you really represent. Want progress in this city, support progress candidates only-- and help get them elected (if you can).

Anonymous said...

The 2 you describe as "progress" council members both lied repeatedly in the Measure C campaign.

Kathy Meeh, well at least you showed your colors) said...

1217, thing is NIMBY, I believe them (the 2 progress city councilmembers) not YOU, or the 3 NIMBY city councilmembers.

NIMBIES have been lying, cheating, and taking the wrecking ball to City progress for about 40 years.
Recently your NIMBY alliance doesn't support affordable housing, killed the 10 year in planning highway widening. Oh, but your NIMBY alliance does support "managed retreat" evaporation of our Sharp Park neighborhood.

No doubt prior, you personally supported turning Sharp Park golf course into a weed patch. Fortunately that property belongs to San Francisco.
Then there is the NIMBY degrading, smear campaigns, lawsuits against almost any and all developers-- including the Quarry (and Mori Point), significant properties which should have been developed.

Steve Sinai said...

Martin shouldn't even be on council. Instead of trying to convince voters to elect her, she guaranteed her seat by using a bureaucratic loophole to force an a better qualified and more popular opponent out of the race.

I don't recall O'Neill and Vaterlaus lying about anything regarding Measure C, unless your definition of of a lie is any statement you don't like.

Tommy Truth Teller said...

12:17, explain your statement along with proof. These allegations are BS. The yes on C perfected the art of misstatement and voter intimidation.

Anonymous said...

Definition of a lie: saying something that is untrue. Examples: Measure C is tax. It will cost the city $2 million. It will bankrupt the city. It will mean cutting police and fire services and not filling potholes. It will apply to single family homes.

There are more ...

TTnT said...

Oh, my dear anon, what is the definition of a tax? Costa-Hawkins is in play at the state level, so yes, it could apply to single family homes the instant anything happens with that. The idea that you can establish a board with the power of this bogus "board" to dictate the property rights of private citizens with all the commensurate lawyers, consultants, and staff time (yes, staff time is a cost) is much more expensive than the laughable 500k they estimated.

Mike Bell said...

Steve you are so right. Deirdre Martin was, is and always will be an illegitimate council person. She and her manager and supporters built her campaign on a foundation of lies, manipulations and unethical behavior. It won't stand the test of time nor the scrutiny of people with integrity. Hopefully Pacifica will stand up and punish these terrible people before it's too late.

Steve Sinai said...

"Definition of a lie: saying something that is untrue."

No. Definition of a lie: an intentionally false statement.

Liar Liar pants on fire said...

Is falsely reporting that someone did a crime a lie?

Or is it defamation of character?

Or is it sour grapes?

Or is it a lack of integrity and character?

Or is it little man syndrome?

Fed Chairman said...

Kathy Meeh

You also were the biggest cheerleader for our previous City Manager Tinfow. Who came in with scandal and left Pacifica a tremendous mess. But she got paid!

Kathy Meeh (a response to confused Liar Chairman) said...

Steve 10:24 PM, "intentional false statement" example 9:47 AM. City Manager Tinfow's tenure as City Manager was productive. And her character was commendable. This City benefited by her structural organization and leadership. (And that's not Kathy being a "cheerleader").
The hired employee "scandal" in Walnut Creek when known was reported by Assistant City Manager Tinfow to the City Manager there. Tinfow had zero personal scandal.

Anonymous said...

It's usually the case that "little men" call others "little men".
It makes them feel bigger.

Anonymous said...

Just finished watching the Council Meeting from this past Monday and it truly saddened me. This is supposed to be a festive ritual that takes place annually to come together and extend appreciation to the Mayor and Council members. Even when opinions differ there is an acknowledgement of hard work and good intentions. Just want to thank Mayor O'Neill for his dedication to this community for several decades now, as well as his hard work to keep this community together and on a healthy track despite very different objectives from council members. I found it very disheartening that credit and appreciation wasn't extended to Mike who has always put the community first. Thanks Mike for all of your dedication and perseverence in the face of truly difficult economic hardships. I hope this Council can find a way to put the City of Pacifica first instead of their own egos and self-interests - when true leadership shines.

Anonymous said...

Kathy, If Tinfow was such a good people person, and such a great City Manager, why did her staff in Walnut Creek and Pacifica despise her?

Steve Sinai said...

I never heard of anyone despising Tinfow.

Anonymous said...

Many Pacificans did.

Kathy Meeh (trolling along) said...

Nimby 944 AM, 1013 AM (12/16) somebody(s), somewhere, doesn't like you either for all the unknown reasons you didn't describe-- which has zero to do with the fact that past City Manager Tinfow was competent, fair, smart, organized and did what she could to move this City forward.

Now why are YOU attacking past City Manager Tinfow?

Anonymous said...

Tinfow led the failed library effort. Big waste of time and money. Then she left for Benicia. Thanks a lot.

Kathy Meeh (got logic?) said...

12:26, Pacifica Library Foundation has been promoting the need for a modern library for about 20 years.
Election Library bond results, 11.8/16: Yes 54.58%, No 45.42%, 2/3rds (66.67%) needed to pass. The measure failed.

Does your "Tinfow's fault" comment have anything to do with the above? I don't think so.
Besides Tinfow's residence is closer to Benicia; and turns-out, with 3 NIMBIES controlling City Council, leaving Pacifica was good career move.

Anonymous said...

Desperate attempt at spin, Kathy. Tinfow was brought here to get a library, like she did in Walnut Creek. She failed. She left. The end.

The Local Libertarian said...

Tinfow's tenure was a waste of time.
She did nothing to help improve:

1) housing stock situation
2) local infrastructure
3) hwy 1 expansion
4) streamline processes at city hall

She perpetuated the same old bureaucracy that plagues Pacifica.
She was just as inept (if not egregious) as the previous guy.

Anonymous said...

Lib..considering Tinfow was surrounded by vipers and sorcerers I think she did a pretty good job. She was well on her way to significantly upgrade staff and process until the NOBY's decided she was a threat to their "I got mine, screw everybody else" religion.

Victor Spano said...

I am a past president of the Pacifica Rotary club. Soon after she came to Pacifica, I was proud to induct Lorie Tinfow into the Pacifica Rotary Club and Rotary International. She was a great member, and attained the "Paul Harris Designation" for her community service. Many of our club members went to present her her award at her new Benecia club. She was held in very high regard by our club members, she keeps in touch and is good people.

To her critics, I say she did as great a job with what and who she had to work with as any of her predecessors.

Cheers and Happy Holidays,

Anonymous said...

She may be a very good person. But she failed at what she was brought here to do. That's the bottom line.

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right. Tinfow failed to rid our city of the pernicious NOBY vermin.

Anonymous said...

She did make some great hires and she got the mess that was the city finances straightened out - and yet some wanted to shoot the messenger. (There's no pleasing some people!)
With a more cooperative, cohesive and forward thinking council, she was on track to do much more. Sad to see her go.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Tinfow was paid out over $1 million dollars in total compensation for her four years here. What did she do that an experienced City Clerk couldn't have done at less than half that? Yet another prime example of the incredible waste that goes on in this podunk town. Do you people run your own personal finances this way? Thought so...

Anonymous said...

This is why the NOBY's lied, cheated and stole the election away from Mary Ann. Their only goal was to install their puppet Deirdre to do their bidding and shoo Tinfow away. Illegitimate Deirdre is the worst thing that could have happened to Pacifica.
Take heart, KARMA is waiting in the wings.
Are you listening; Deirdre Martian, Cynthia Kaufman, Dan Stegink, Peter Loeb, Dina Verby?
KARMA is on it's way.

Anonymous said...

7:51AM....A victory by Eric Ruchames and Mike O'Neill is what we need to all gather around in November 2018. They will undo the damage!

The Local Libertarian said...

@12:45 -- Agree. Pacifica would've cruised on (dysfunctional) auto-pilot and still come out ahead with $1 Million in savings without Tinfow.

Kathy Meeh, aka: always "desperate" for a better City. said...

Lib 11:39 AM, (and 12/17, 4:09 PM), past City Manager Lori Tinfow got paid, commiserate with the level of work she did-- and NO the City does not run on auto-pilot.

Example. Prior, the City lost track of some Fund monies because of it's accounting incompetence.
Immediately, Tinfow hired a permanent Assistant City Manager who is also a CPA, to oversee the Budget and manage City monies. That gap got fixed.
During the time Tinfow was City Manager, and the City Council majority represented progress, the City moved forward best it could.

(Of course, slowing some progress-- seasonal rains brought falling cliffs, land, and buildings.
And NIMBIES provided their usual anti-progress, anti-golf course, anti-development tactics, including anti-highway widening and other lawsuits.)

Anonymous said...

AnonymousDecember 19, 2017 at 9:21 AM
7:51AM....A victory by Eric Ruchames and Mike O'Neill is what we need to all gather around in November 2018. They will undo the damage

Ruchames wants to further bury the Pacifica Taxpayers with $35,000,000 to build a library.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should ask around city hall about Tinfow. She was despised in Walnut Creek and Pacifica. I find it extremely odd you support her. In fact your in a very small minority.

Kathy Meeh (Nothing happened at City Council, but someone is negatively obsessed with Tinfow: what's that about?) said...

938, maybe YOU should have a name, so YOU "a very small minority" troll would identify why YOU might be "despised" for non-binding, idiotic comments.
(Further, every non-detailed indication is YOU might not win a majority popularity contest.)

Did you take one of the NIMBY and Trump oaths to keep repeating a lie-- some people will believe you? This time in the lie kingdom, to what purpose?
Meantime actual history has moved on: facts and the past City Manager, and the past and present City Council track records stand.

Anonymous said...

Prediction: O'Neill won't run again, and Ruchames will run again and lose again.

Dumed Pacifica said...

Say it is'nt true 12:32! We need to reach out to Len Stone or Mary Ann then! There is noone else in town with the common sense approach of Mike O'Neill.

Anonymous said...

Note to self: Link to 12:32's comment on Wednesday, November 7, 2018, to show how wrong he (or she) is on all three things being claimed. (Half right on losing again if you don't run, though.)

Steve Sinai said...

Who specifically despised Tinfow? The only people who complained about her were NIMBYS because she didn't dedicate herself to stopping development projects.

Anonymous said...

The people who didn't like Tinfow are all the people who thought the library proposal was the wrong thing to do and an enormous waste of money.

The Pit Of Misery said...


Now I fully understand why none of the City Council candidates would associate with you and your blog.

Diddy Diddy

Kathy Meeh (duh, to YOU self-identified "Misery" brought on this City) said...

Yep, City Council NIMBIES (and City Council candidate NIMBIES) need not look for voting support and affirmation from those of us who want to protect our City.

To your point, for those who care about the economic, social, and civic infrastructure of this City-- rejecting NIMBY City Council candidates is a good thing, (in case you haven't figured it out).

Lost Commission Check said...

Karma. One of the rogue realtors who went off the rails against Rent Control, has an out of Pacifica realtor selling the house next to his! Karma!

Anonymous said...

Go read a book. Out of town realtor listings have nothing to do with Karma.
Karma rewards good and bad deeds.
Deirdre and her buddies have much to fear.

Anonymous said...


You have done nothing to bring business into Pacifica. Too bad you can't read!

Deirde has a firm lock on City Council.