Friday, February 4, 2011

Out of this world - 54 "Goldilocks" planets

Earth size and temperature. Pacificans may live or vacation there one day.

 NASA has discovered 54 new planets that might be habitable to humans, either giving us a planet for vacation homes or an escape plan for the end of the world. The planets are part of a larger discovery by Kepler telescope that includes 1,235 possible planets outside Earth's solar system. Exciting! But...the Christian Science Monitor reports, "The potential finds, which must clear an arduous, detailed confirmation process, still fall short of the ultimate goal, finding an Earth-size planet orbiting a sun-like star at Earth-like distances."  The Village Voice blog 2/4/11.

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NASA discovered more than 1,200 new planets in the past year. The Washington Post 2/3/11.
68 planets about Earth size, 54 are Earth's size and temperature..potentially habitable.  San Francisco Chronicle 2/3/11.

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