Friday, February 24, 2012

We abide by the leash law

Leash law for farm animals? Guess not.  Dogs only.

On leash walk with Abrey and Lincoln

Half Moon Bay Review/photo galleries, 2/20/12  by Stacy Trevenon "No problem with the leash law".

"El Granada residents Jenna Baxter, center, and Ashley Utz take a stroll through the neighborhood with their three-month-old Hampshire cross sheep, Aubrey the ewe and Lincoln the wether.

The girls, both freshmen at Half Moon Bay High School, are raising sheep for the San Mateo County Fair. The spectacle of the two young women walking the docile sheep turned heads from passersby like Amber Williams of El Granada, who stopped her car and jumped out to pet the sheep while her border collie enviously looked on from the front seat."

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