Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day - Love for San Mateo Transit District Redi-Wheels

San Mateo Daily Journal, 2/13/12.  Letter-to-the-editor: Spreading the love for Redi-Wheels, by Patricia Smith (San Mateo).

"In acknowledgement of St. Valentine’s Day Feb. 14, please consider this letter a “Love Letter” to all the people who serve at San Mateo County Transit District Redi-Wheels. From all the phone representatives, the dispatchers, the drivers, the office staff, to the advocates and above all, the taxpayers (I am one too) here in San Mateo County, you have saved my life.

Following an injury accident in November 2011, I had nowhere to turn to be able to see physicians, get to the pharmacy, get groceries, go to the bank, still take my college classes - everything we do in our cars.  It is all Redi-Wheels for me now and in the foreseeable future.

Redi-Wheels is the most unbelievable county service you could ever know. Not only have I had rides on weekends, but actually on Christmas Day. The reservationists are kind, the dispatchers are friendly, and the drivers — I love them — they are the “face” of Redi-Wheels. They have even come early “because it is raining.” Thank you — SamTrans and Redi-Wheels. I love you!"

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