Friday, February 17, 2012

San Carlos Fire protection from Cal Fire, really?

Criticism for excluding Cal Fire from consideration.

From San Mateo Daily Journal/Michelle Durand, 2/16/12. "Grand jury lights into fire choice".

Resource Management Program Header"The full Board of Supervisors should have considered a request by the city of San Carlos to contract fire services and the finance subcommittee that chose not to move the idea forward missed out on roughly $2 million in savings for both, according to the civil grand jury.

The local fire union gave “significant pressure” not to consider the California Department of Forestry and Fire as an outsourcing option, according to the report by the San Mateo County Civil Grand Jury, but it stops short of concluding that was a primary reason why supervisors Adrienne Tissier and Carole Groom, the two members of the committee, would not take the idea to the entire board. Regardless, San Carlos Mayor Andy Klein called the report issued yesterday validation of prior claims that county officials were influenced by political pressure. Read more. 
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Lionel Emde said...

Interesting story.
Look for such discussions in Pacifica in the near future as we descend the financial ladder.