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San Mateo working toward a draft Sustainable Streets Plan

Safety and health living for all ages
The daily Journal/Samantha Weigel, 11/19/14.  "City considers how to improve street network:  San Mateo's sustainable streets plan in draft stage, up for comment."

Safe sustainable streets for all modes of transportation
... On Monday, the City Council reviewed a draft of the plan that incorporates ways to enhance safety, prepare for future transportation demands and implement green street features that divert stormwater runoff.

After receiving a $300,000 Caltrans grant in 2012, the city of San Mateo embarked on a study and community outreach then drafted a plan meant to help guide the future of the city’s transit system.  .... The nearly 500-page document covers a broad range of topics such as street classification, performance metrics, design guidelines, recommended programs and promoting safety.

.... Vision Zero is a program prioritizing safety for all modes of transportation. .... Safety related improvements could include better signs, lighting and landscaping while creating pedestrian refuges and implementing enforcement programs to deter aggressive or negligent driving behavior, according to the plan.   “[The vision is] a transportation system that is sustainable, safe and healthy,” Ken Chin (Pub lic Works project manager) said. “And supports a sense of community and active living where walking and bicycling and transit are integral parts of daily life.”   Read article.

Reference - Sustainable Streets San Mateo.  "We are about halfway through this exciting 2-year project which intends to bring complete, sustainable streets to San Mateo over the next decades to come. What are Complete Streets you ask? According to the National Complete Streets Coalition, they are “routinely planned, designed, operated and maintained with the consideration of the needs and safety of all travelers along and across the entire public right of way. This includes people of all ages and abilities who are walking; driving vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles or buses; bicycling; using transit, or traveling with mobility aids; and freight shippers.”   

Related - Bay Meadows blog, "San Mateo releases draft plan for improved streets."  Did you know that the city of San Mateo is on the cutting edge of urban planning? In October, the city released its draft Sustainable Streets Plan. In it, the city proposes street infrastructure improvements to make streets safe and even delightful for all modes of traveling. The plan is available for download here: In a recent discussion on PenVoice Ken Chin, San Mateo Public Works Project Manager, outlined the numerous reasons for the city to update its transportation infrastructure, You tube video, 10 minutes.

Note:  Sustainable streets photograph from Bay Meadows blog. Road and bicycles from Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition.

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