Wednesday, November 19, 2014

San Mateo County Harbor Board, Robert Bernardo won re-election

San Mateo Times/Aaron Kinney, 11/19/14.  "Bernardo wins harbor district seat, despite concession."

Robert Bernardo won re-election
"Nearly two weeks after conceding the race, San Mateo County Harbor District Commissioner Robert Bernardo won his re-election campaign.  Bernardo squeaked by fellow Commissioner Jim Tucker by 292 votes in the final, semiofficial tally of the San Mateo County Elections Office. Elections officials finished counting mail and provisional ballots from the Nov. 4 election la
te Tuesday afternoon.

But the commissioner took the lead over Tucker last week as the updated tallies trickled out. The final count gave him 48,340 votes to Tucker's 48,048. ...."  Read more.

Reference Voters Edge 2014,  "Extended Biography. Robert Bernardo grew up in San Mateo County, having lived in the cities of Daly City, Pacifica, and South San Francisco. He works full time at the Port of Oakland, the 5th largest seaport in the nation and he is a former South San Francisco Planning Commissioner. Robert's work at the Port of Oakland provides him with a global perspective on the maritime industry, and his Planning Commission experience gives him a strong understanding of complex land use, zoning and development issues. Shape the future election results, two (2) San Mateo County Harbor Board Commissioners elected:  Nicole David 32.1%, Robert Bernardo, 23.2%. San Mateo County Harbor District.   Smart Voter, 11/2/10

Related - Everything South City blog/Sierra Club, 9/17/14. "South City's Robert Bernardo endorsed by Sierra Club for San Mateo County Harbor Commission."  Fix our Harbors, Is Robert Bernardo a blessing or a burden?  Note photograph from Facebook/Everything SouthCity, 9/22/14.

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