Monday, November 10, 2014

New Assistant City Manager Hired

City of Pacifica welcomes Lorenzo Hines, Jr. as Assistant City Manager


Submitted by

Lorie Tinfow
City Manager
City of Pacifica
170 Santa Maria Ave.
Pacifica, CA  94044
(650) 738-7409


Anonymous said...

200k a year salary to have this guy do all Tinfoils work while she works on the pie in the sky library project that most likely never be built.

Way to waste taxpayer money city hall.

Kathy Meeh said...

1220, are you one of the people complaining about the missing $4 million? If so, looks like the new Assistant Manager can count. This should solved that city problem. Great!

Nice article and picture, Steve!

Clem said...

Next step: Begin to mobilize to fight the library. I suggest a confusing competing ballot measure to be run concurrently against the Library bond. One that would modernize existing libraries, for a fraction of the cost.

Anonymous said...

In other news candidate Sam Liccardo has officially won the San Jose Mayors race. He vowed to continue pension reform.

Well it seems some politicians aren't in the pockets of the unions. Every one of our precious council vowed to not cut employees anymore. Nice way to watch out for the taxpayers.

This pension thing is going to kill us. As you see more cities cutting them it will be harder to fly the tired argument of "we'll lose good people if we cut more".

Anonymous said...

How much are we paying this guy?