Monday, November 10, 2014

Menlo Park voters defeat Measure M, choose downtown growth

Empty lot near CalTrain station
KQED News Fix/Peninsula Press/Farida Jhabvala Romero, 11/8/14.  "Menlo Park voters welcome growth downtown with Measure M defeat."
Proposed 220 apartments, and public plaza
will be built.  NIMBIES didn't win this one!
"Voters in Menlo Park decidedly rejected a controversial initiative that would have cut in half the amount of future office space allowed in the city’s downtown and El Camino Real areas. Sixty-two percent of voters decided to keep current land-use guidelines and to continue the City Council’s negotiations with two developers proposing to build hundreds of apartments and up to 409,500 square feet of offices.

....  'What we can learn from the vote yesterday is that people want to move forward with making Menlo Park a better place to be, and Measure M is not the answer to that,' said Keith, as she took her two dogs for a walk this morning.

....  'We have already been negotiating public benefits with the developers,” said Keith, a former Menlo Park mayor. “We still have a long process to go.' "  Read article.

Reference City of Menlo Park/Ballot Measure M, 11/4/14.  "Shall the Ordinance entitled “An Initiative Measure Proposing Amendments to the City of Menlo Park General Plan and Menlo Park 2012 El Camino Real/Downtown Specific Plan Limiting Office Development, Modifying Open Space Requirements, and Requiring Voter Approval for New Non-residential Projects that Exceed Specified Development Limits” be adopted?" 

RelatedSF Street blog/Andrew Boone, 7/18/18,  "Initiative to slow downtown Menlo Park growth lands on Ballot." "On Tuesday evening, Menlo Park’s City Council reluctantly forwarded to the November 4 ballot an initiative that would reject two proposed developments that would replace largely-vacant auto dealerships with walkable offices, retail space, and apartments, and slow or stop future development along El Camino Real. ....  

Note photograph/graphics:  empty from the SF Street blog article, google maps:  "Greenheart Land Company has proposed 210,000 square feet of retail, and up to 220 apartments on this vacant lot just north of the Menlo Park Caltrain Station." Project from the same article from Stanford University: "Stanford University has proposed to build this residential building and a public plaza at El Camino Real and Middle Avenue."

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Menlo Park has revenue. Next to Stanford, Facebook, El Camino is changing.

Pacifica has......

Anonymous said...

Pacifica has absentee voters!

Anonymous said...

Pacifica is not Menlo Park, nor will it ever be.

Pacifica has beaches and the Pacific Ocean on the West Side. East side is our beautiful Coastal Mountains. Beautiful. Fresh. Clean.

Menlo Park has congestion. Love Stanford, but don't love all the traffic. I bet their children can't play in their mountains and bike to the beach to cool off.

Kathy Meeh said...

942, we can do nothing because "..beaches and the Pacific ocean on the west side.. beautiful hills, etc"? Of course you could have said the same thing about San Francisco 100 years ago.

Don't think Pacifica deserves a downtown and a balanced city economy? What is the alternative that you propose here in the outback, (50-60% permanent (never going away) open/empty space)?

Most mainstreet people would like more of the advantages a city brings, including city revenue. But you don't think Pacifica deserves a "downtown", a nicer, more functional community-- and maybe even two "downtown" districts in this 5-7 mile stretch of city land?

With your comment, here it is again: the NIMBY "traffic" card. Are you suggesting that you don't love Menlo Park traffic, but you do love Pacifica traffic where you live? Huh???? Good news for Pacifica traffic congestion: there is a current FUNDED solution for that-- and its a 1.3 mile widening, not a "freeway".

About children playing in Menlo Park mountains with the mountain lions, there is ample peninsula open space.

Menlo park has been a little slow in developing their downtown, but now they're doing it. Pacifica may or may not be on the radar for doing that, hope so, its time.

Anonymous said...


Smoke some more dope Hippie!

Anonymous said...

Comments after 9:42am is the reason why your people lost.

Pacifica does not need you.