Saturday, November 8, 2014

In our city, C/CAG paid for the shuttle, the repaving, the trash events

Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff, 11/4/14.  "Mayor addresses regional and local concerns."
Good, 1/3rd of Linda Mar Blvd was paved;
but where did our road money from the County go?

"The mayor of Pacifica keeps a watchful eye on the workings of the city and branches out to make sure Pacifica's needs are considered regionally through her work on C/CAG. C/CAG stands for City/County Association of Governments of San Mateo County. Pacifica Mayor Mary Ann Nihart is the current chair. 

...  Nihart has been on C/CAG for the last four years. The experience has been a whirlwind of collaborative planning.  For Pacifica, C/CAG approved the Recology-sponsored shuttle buses to the Devil's Slide trail, even though Pacifica is known as a low ridership area. ... C/CAG approved grants for the repaving of Linda Mar Boulevard and for the Pacifica Beach Coalition trash pick-up events. 

.... Nihart hopes to secure funding for the Palmetto Avenue streetscape, the Pacifica trail, storm water management and to beautify the highway. C/CAG put pressure on SamTrans to improve its service, Nihart said, which included starting the FLEX schedule and service to Pescadero."  Read article.

Reference - City/County Association of Governments of San Mateo County. "C/CAG works on issues that affect the quality of life in general; transportation, air quality, stormwater runoff, airport/land use compatibility planning, hazardous waste, solid waste and recycling.  C/CAG operates as a Joint Powers Authority and has membership that includes each of the 20 cities and the County in San Mateo County."   Measure M.  "The C/CAG sponsored Measure M, approved by the voters of San Mateo County in 2010, impose an annual fee of ten dollars ($10) on motor vehicles registered in San Mateo County for transportation-related traffic congestion and water pollution mitigation programs. The revenue is estimated at $6.7 million annually over a 25 year period. Per the Expenditure Plan, 50% of the net proceeds will be allocated to cities/County for local streets and roads and 50% will be used for countywide transportation programs such as transit operations, regional traffic congestion management, water pollution prevention, and safe routes to school."

Note:  Graphic from  Geo Traffic Network blog.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you to Mayor Nihart.

Anonymous said...

Thank her why for going to beg for money for the welfare city of Pacifica.

No wonder why Pacifica is the laughing stock of the state.

The city should have put 1 million dollars per year into street maintenance and they used it to pay for trails and consultants.

Our Firemen haven' had a contract for 3 years.

Mary Ann has been a tremendous failure, regardless how many meetings she goes to.