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San Bruno downtown revitalization is in process

The Daily Journal (San Mateo County), Heather Murtaugh, Staff, 1/8/12.  "Mayor optimistic about San Bruno's future." 

"San Bruno’s future is bright with plans to build and grow in the coming year, Mayor Jim Ruane said at the State of the City Monday.

Tax revenue is up, development proposals are coming in, and the city is working on long-term plans for its water and sewer infrastructure, Ruane said yesterday during a San Bruno Chamber of Commerce luncheon held at Skyline College. Ruane outlined a number of projects now in the works upon finishing the Transit Corridor Plan — which is leading to new development ideas in and around downtown — to continuing to be involved at the state and national levels on talks about utility safety.  Simply put, Ruane described many reasons for his optimism.

Early in 2013, San Bruno will finish the vision for the San Bruno transit corridor, Ruane said. Work to create a plan to support downtown started in fall 2008 but was sidelined in 2010. Efforts to get the plan in place are moving forward again. Despite the interruption in planning, the goals remain to promote downtown as a destination while enhancing local character and economic vitality. The vision includes embracing the eclectic architecture of San Mateo Avenue, creating large mixed-use building to drive traffic into the area while supporting the community’s cultural diversity.  Part of the plan includes increasing the height limit up to seven stories. San Bruno currently has an overall height limit for buildings of 50 feet or three stories, whichever is more restrictive. The change will require voter approval, said Ruane. Getting moving on the plan has those interested in revitalizing the area coming forward."   Read article.

Reference -City of San Bruno,   City of San Bruno Community Development,  Economic Development,  Future downtown public process.

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Related - SocketSite, 12/5/12, "Portola development along San Bruno Avenue slated for approval", "The site of a former gas station that was demolished in 2009 and has sat vacant, unpaved and fenced in by a chain-link fence since, the 11,250 square foot lot on the northeast corner of San Bruno Avenue and Woolsey Street in Portola will be subdivided into five lots as proposed. And upon each of the lots, a new 4-story mixed-use building would rise. Each building would consist of two residential dwellings above office/retail space on the first and second floors with a rear facing garage for two vehicles and one bike." Note: "after" rendering and "empty lot" photo are from SocketSite.

This is in SF not San Bruno

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Dang, you are correct Anonymous 11:57 AM, that is San Bruno Avenue, but not San Bruno. I'll replace the pictures.

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get used to it Meeh, I am always correct!

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bet on it shorty!