Thursday, June 7, 2012

San Mateo County - promised aftermath of not passing Measures U and X

No TEA as in Party intended.
Remember unincorporated San Mateo county June 5, 2012 ballot Measures U and X?   These ballot measures failed.  Measure U would have increased the hotel tax from 10% to 12%. Measure X would have added a new 8% parking facility tax?  Did the 12% hotel tax increase from 10% improve revenue in Pacifica? 

KQED News/Caitlin Esch, 6/6/12.  "San Mateo officials say budget cuts likely after voters rejected tax measures."

"San Mateo County officials say they’re facing a new round of budget cuts after the apparent failure of several tax measures. KQED’s Caitlin Esch says the cuts will likely hit the county's employees and its poor population the hardest.

Tax the rich, that works for me!
CAITLIN ESCH: Three measures would have generated about $13 million dollars by taxing hotels, rental cars and parking lots in unincorporated areas, including San Francisco International Airport.
The hotel occupancy tax, Measure T,  is still too close to call. (As of June 7 at 7 AM, it was passing with a 62-vote margin.) Dave Pine, a member of the county board of Supervisors, is holding out hope it will pass.

DAVE PINE: T is the most important of the three measures; it would generate about $7.5 million a year. So the cuts would be much more modest if we can eke out a win on T.

ESCH: The county is already laying off about 230 employees. Pine says additional cuts will chip away at the social safety net for the county’s most vulnerable residents." 

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Posted by Kathy Meeh  - Some of you have been commenting about how you'd like to get rid of the Ron Paul poster signs, so you know, I couldn't resist. 

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Hutch said...

No need to cut services to the poor or to cut any union jobs.

They need to man up and do pension and wage reform. San Jose did it and 70% of the voters backed em up. Pacifica! Are you paying attention?