Friday, June 22, 2012

CA Legislature agrees upon the 2012-13 budget

The California 7/1/12 fiscal year budget is agreed upon, but will be reviewed following results of the Fall election state tax vote.  Sound familiar? 

Your tax vote will determine what's next
San Francisco Chronicle/Wyatt Buchanan, Marisa Lagos, 6/21/12.  "State leaders reach deal on remaining budget bills."

"Gov. Jerry Brown and Democratic leaders in the Legislature have agreed to the final details of a state budget that will take effect July 1, striking a deal that includes controversial provisions such as eliminating a health insurance program for children and limiting the amount of time poor families can stay on cash assistance grants. 
"No tax" vote alternative

Lawmakers passed the main budget bill last week, but had not yet agreed with the governor on some major details, including cuts to welfare, college assistance grants, and child care assistance. Now that those issues are resolved, they said they will vote on the final budget bills Tuesday." 

....  Lawmakers also agreed to eliminate the state's Healthy Families Program, which provides health insurance for children, and move 880,000 poor youngsters into Medi-Cal. They backed off a plan to shift $250 million in property tax money from counties and redirect it to general state services."  

....."If voters reject the taxes, midyear cuts would automatically kick in, with most affecting K-12 and higher education."   Read Article, 2 pages. 

Related - Silicon Valley Mercury News, 6/21/12 article. "... the whole deal hinges on November when Brown's tax proposal goes before voters. He's asking for a temporary boost in income taxes for the wealthy and a quarter-cent hike in the state sales tax, which would provide $5.9 billion in the first year. Nearly $6 billion in new budget cuts -- $5.5 billion to schools, $500 million to universities -- would be automatically triggered if the measure fails."

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