Friday, June 29, 2012

Half Moon Bay Interim Planning Director rolled by Eco-NIMBYS

Trails yes,  road improvements no
Half Moon Bay Review/Mark Noack, 6/28/12.  "Highway 1 project delayed amid concerns, public urges longer review of road plan."

....  "The proposal would install new traffic signals at Poplar Street, Roosevelt Boulevard and Terrace Avenue — the last spot being a lightning rod of land-use politics for local residents. Those same sections would also be widened to four traffic lanes with other areas of the highway expanded to include a center turn lane. The trail extensions would add new swaths to the Naomi Patridge Trail, pushing it north to Mirada Road and, on the southern end, to Miramontes Point Road. 

....  Acquiescing to public demand, Interim Planning Director Pat Webb postponed making a decision herself on the plan, and she agreed to instead bring it next month to the Planning Commission.

Turkey vultures yes, roads no
....  The notion that the Highway 1 project was racing through approval is just not accurate, city officials say. In their report, a city planner pointed out the improvements were part of an 8-year-old traffic study already approved by the City Council and Planning Commission.  ...

Webb said the city could lose out on this year’s round of transportation funding now that the project is being delayed."

....  "But she admitted that the postponement would give her more time to research the background of the project.  Webb said she would consider one suggestion from the audience — to split the bike trail extension and the highway upgrades into two separate projects. That could make individual aspects of the project more palatable to the public, she said. “It’s clear there’s a whole lot more support for the bike trails than for the traffic lanes or the signals,” she said. “It sounded like it would be easier for the public to digest if they were split.”  Read Article.

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Anonymous said...

Calling all hippies. Calling all hippies. Put on your tin foil hats and watch out for them Chem Trails. We must stop highway one widening and all other development. It will increase sea levels and speed up global warming.
So just make up facts to confuse them. This is your leader. Over and out.

Anonymous said...

And then there are those that were born confused. Know them by their big, pointy heads.

Jim Wagner, Chamber of Commerce Board member said...

Once again, I want to thank those that turned out to speak in favor of going forward on the Hwy 1 improvement project last Monday nite at the council meeting. We could have easily gone down this road and lose the funding window opportunity.