Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Get to work and convince these people to stay in Pacifica

Hotels between Half moon bay and San Francisco

"Are there any hotels anyone Cannes recommend between the two places? Would prefer it to be by the ocean. Budget is about 300 dollars for either a suite that slepes 5 or 2 double rooms. We travel with three children."


Posted by Steve Sinai


Anonymous said...

Seems the Pacifica Chamber should respond to drum up some business and improve the perception that Pacifica is worth visiting. Chamber could check various blogs 2X a week to keep things positive. No one on City Council is going to do this

Anonymous said...

Good point. It's not the Council's job to do this but it IS the Chamber's. Doesn't the Chamber get money from the hotels for exactly this purpose?

Chris Porter, Boardmember of the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce said...

The Pacifica Chamber has done enormous work in promoting itself regarding the U S Open which is being held at the Olympic Club in Daly City. All of our hotels are completely booked for the event and have been for some time. The restaurants are geering up for larger then usual patronage with Sunday's Father's Day also impacting the restaurant's availability. We do try to check the blogs as much as possible

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris.

What would you think about the Chamber and/or the City starting a campaign encouraging Pacificans to post reviews of their beloved City on TripAdvisor.

I think having more good reviews along with tips of what to do here would do a lot to draw people here and it shouldn't really cost any money. For instance letting people know about how you can catch King Salmon on our pier for free.

Kathy Meeh said...

"..tips of what to do here.." Anonymous 5:25pm.

Why bother the Chamber or the City, when you can start your own TripAdvisor "free in Pacifica" campaign and sign your name to it.

Steve Sinai said...

If it looks like anyone's running an organized effort on TripAdvisor, it will backfire. A tour company tried to do it a few years ago, and they got run off of the site.

Comments from a few more locals regarding Pacifica would be nice, though.

Hutch said...

Our Hotel in Mexico gave us little cards asking guests to rate them on Tripadvisor. They got over 900 reviews from just asking people. I don't see why Tripadviser would mind as long as they're real reviews.

Steve Sinai said...

Hutch, some companies were doing that kind of thing when TA first got started, but people viewed it as gaming the system. TA had a ranking system where positive reviews moved hotels, restaurants, tour companies, etc., up in the rankings, which meant more activity for those businesses.

It became obvious that in some cases, particular companies had someone creating accounts and sending in positive reviews. That's cheating, and resulted in some bad companies showing up very high in the ratings. It looked fishy when the people doing commenting or reviewing businesses had only one post, and were never heard from again.

Hotels and tour companies that were asking customers to review them on TA ended up getting lots of one-post reviewers. TA regulars, who couldn't always tell if the comments were genuine or faked, assumed they were fake.

The regulars then proceeded to blast these businesses in the forums which, as intended by the regulars, drove potential customers away.

Hutch said...

Thanks for that explanation Steve. Well then like you said it can't hurt for a few locals to rate our town. Especially ones with a lot of reviews under their belt.

Anonymous said...

I can see the worries of a few individuals about the Chamber.
Now that we have become a tour de force, people are paying attention. Really, especially around election time. How typical.
Be afraid nimbys, the business community has had enough. What a cliche'/ oxymoron. Pacifican's for a Sustainable Economy, really.
What have you sustained? Broken and beaten down businesses. Where were you when they needed help? No voice,no ideas, no nothing to perpetuate our economy. You have no idea what it takes to be a business owner here in this town with the restrictions you have layed upon us. Without us you would have no tax base to sustain our local services. Hmmm, maybe we should have the County run the show. No more Council!