Friday, April 29, 2016

Sea wall, help is on the way

Pacifica Tribune Letters to the Editor, 4/27/16.  "Sea wall repair" by Linda Jonas 

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Sea wall can be repaired
"Thank you Congresswoman Jackie Speier, for your assistance on the sea wall repair around the Pacifica Pier. I walk that promenade weekly, along with hundreds of other Pacifica residents/citizens.

While the recent damage was unsettling, it is clear that the sea wall can be repaired using modern construction standards and practices. All of us promenade walkers appreciate this proactive response, as do the homeowners, renters and businesses in the area.

It’s so nice to see your ‘can-do’ attitude!  Sincere thanks from a grateful Pacifican."

Note photograph by Rolando Luistro on Flickr from Rolandito's BALITANG SF: Coastal scene..1/23/16. 

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