Thursday, April 7, 2016

Main street, Palmetto Avenue

Pacifica Tribune Letters to the Editor print edition, week of April 6, 2016. "Pacifica's own jewel" by Jim Wagner

Image result for City of Pacifica Beach Blvd project picture
Palmetto "old town" main street
Comfortable, charming walk area
"Converting a vacant, shut down, sewer plant is, of all things, going to give Pacifica its first walkable retail area and  -- dare I say it -- a real main street that every other town in the area enjoys. This is going to be a real jewel ... finally.

Pacifica deserves this after so many years of staring at an empty pit and an old stone wall. We will have a "there, there." A real destination on the coast."
Related, articles.  Pacifica Patch/Anastasia Crosson/Open Post, 1/1/2011, "High Hope's for Palmetto Avenue, Palmetto Business Association."  Pacifica Patch/Christa Bigue/Staff, 6/7/13, "Main Street Pacifica in the making."  Note: graphic renderings from an early Palmetto Streetscape introduction, found on the related Pacifica Patch/Anastasia Crosson/Open Post, 1/1/11 article.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Who is the biggest private land owner on Palmetto? And, specifically, that section from IBL to the golf course. I know someone has the info.

Anonymous said...

This will never ever happen. Don't be naive people its an election year. False promises and smoke and mirrors. Even the very first phase the underground utility was a failure because they only did a tiny bit of Palmetto.

Plus the library bond will fail in November.

Anonymous said...

something not a shopping center. Wow. Neighborhood shops? Took 17 years. Finally.

Anonymous said...

this is great news finally! just hope this is not another disappointment.

Tom Clifford said...

My dream for Palmetto is a Business district that starts at Manor Shopping Center processed down Palmetto,wraps around Claridon and back up Francisco. This would create an ocean front economic engine miles long with two freeway exits for access. Shops,Hotels,restaurants,and recreation. $$$$

Kathy Meeh (just enjoying your comment) said...

Have you discussed this farsighted vision with some of your friends, Tom?

Anonymous said...


My dream was to be 6-6 and sack Tom Brady 10 times in one game.

Anonymous said...


How do you get rid of the toxic waste at the auto wreckers? How does the city get the money to buy these properties and or move them? City of Pacifica mortgaged the pot they piss in to the hilt.
No one in city hall has the knowledge nor will to make this city great.

It's all hat no cattle.

Anonymous said...


Word on the street is, you are forming an exploratory committee to run for city council?

Is word on the street true?

The Local Libertarian said...

Hey Tom,

I suggested the very same idea on Fix Pacifica many many posts ago. I am glad there are believers in the concept. If you would like support, do let me know and I will make an effort to introduce myself to you in person.

Anonymous said...

Local Libertarian

You haven't been posting on this blog for that long.