Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Beach Blvd and Palmetto "Main Street" development

Pacifica Tribune Letters to the Editor print edition, 4/20/16.  "Moving Forward" by Aaron Schlieve

"I want to add my two cents about a freshening up of Palmetto.

Image result for Florey's Book Company picture, Pacifica, CA picture
Aaron Schlieve, owner
Florey's Book Company
Image result for Pacifica Pier pier picture
 Walking the pier from the
new Beach Blvd Hotel, 2020
It  is great to see most of city council supporting a vision for the proposed new restaurant, hotel and retail proposal.

From what I have seen, this project will complement a remarkable setting with the best development this town has seen in 25 years that is nicely tailored to our coast side community."

Reference, West Sharp Park development.  City of Pacifica - Beach Blvd Project. .... "For the last decade, the City has recognized that the Beach Boulevard property offers the community an exceptional opportunity for potential redevelopment and revitalization due to the site’s location—adjacent to both the beach and the Palmetto Avenue “main street”—and it’s size and public ownership."  MTC/ Palmetto Avenue Streetscape, "Complete Streets".  City of Pacifica, Beach Boulevard Development Site, "Hotel development opportunity." News article,  Pacifica Patch/Anastasia Crosson, 1/1/11, "High Hopes for Palmetto Avenue." "The recently re-established Palmetto Business Association wants to reinvigorate Palmetto Avenue in Pacifica's Sharp Park District and turn it into an easily walkable shopping area for visitors and residents."

Related, book store.   Aaron Schlieve, Owner, Florey's Book Co., "Florey's Book Co. is a family-owned independent bookstore located in Pacifica, CA. In business since 1977, we stock a wide variety of books for all ages and interests. We also have a section of used books . Come visit us! Your phone or email orders are welcome. Our hours are 10am-6pm, every day, until 8pm Fridays! Florey's Book Co. 2120 Palmetto Ave. Pacifica, CA 94044 (650) 355-8811. FloreysBookCo@yahoo.com."  Facebook/Florey's Book Co.  News article. Pacifica Tribune/Jean Bartlett, Correspondent, 11/18/14, "Florey's Books the bell rings for readers."  ".... ... "I'm noticing there are more book sales which I'm always happy to report. I think people want to support local businesses and bookstores tend to be more personal to shoppers." (Aaron Schlieve). 

Note photographs. Pacifica pier by Donna from Vista de Nada, 3/1/11.  Aaron Schlieve by Jean Bartlett from her related news article.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Aaron, thanks. A voice of reason in a sea of yak yak. You're absolutely right, this project will serve as an anchor for a rejuvenation of Palmetto many of us have been waiting for for 30 years! Modern library, shops, hotel. These will generate critical mass and draw people from all over down to OUR waterfront. What a concept.

Anonymous said...

What part of, there is no money for Palmetto streetscape. Van Ocampo said there are about 8-12 other areas on the retaining wall that is masquerading as a seawall that will fail.

The $1,500,000 they found, went poof, to pay for demolition of the Apartments on Esplanade and To shore up the retaining wall aka the I wish I was a real seawall.

Kathy Meeh said...

529, no, not exactly. The streetscape on Palmetto is in process (as approved in a recent, prior City Council meeting).
The sea wall south of the pier is solid. Did you miss that part?
The City is aware of "possible" weak areas in the retaining wall and sand north of the pier.
The City is evaluating and repairing breaches in the wall, pipes and other structures.
Grant funding is in process to replace the north of the pier retaining wall with a sea wall.
I didn't see the entire meeting, but saw enough of the 1 hour special "Update on the Local Emergency" presentation by Van Ocampo to know that your anonymous comment is sensationalized rubbish, and not credible.

NIMBY, Why do you waste our time with such goofy spin and lies? This City has a history of infrastructure problems, caused by anti-economic development policies.
An inadequate City economy, neglect, obstruction are all part of NIMBY legacy, so is lying. Stop, change, do what's possible to help heal and fix this City!