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Learning the value of cows (milk, ice cream, fudge bars etc.) -- not hamburger

Pacifica Tribune print edition/Living/Jane Northrop, Staff writer, 4/13/16. "Learning about cows and nutrition."

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Looking for a cow to adopt?
I might be the one.
"The students at Ortega Elementary School were awed by seeing a live cow and petting a live calf in a special outdoor assembly brought to them by the Dairy Council of California.

They learned about the products that are made from milk, why a cow makes a 'moo' sound when it does and they learned the various body parts of a cow. They learned the ways cows are milked. The also learned new vocabulary words - pasteurize and Homogenize - that explained the process to make supermarket milk safe to drinkers.

With six instructors, Mobile Dairy Classrooms reach more than 453,000 students throughout the state. California dairies support the program by providing cows and calves for the program. There is no cost to the school. It's paid for by farm families and dairy companies."

Reference, the non-profit organization, Dairy Council of California.  Wikipedia, "Dairy Council of California provides free nutrition education programs to California children and adults through teachers and health professionals. In addition, the Dairy Council of California provides a Mobile Dairy Classroom, a free outdoor assembly with a live cow. The organization also provides consumers with nutrition information through it's website.  As a state government entity, Dairy Council of California is funded by California  dairy farmers and milk processors through assessments collected by the California Department of Food and Agriculture."

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We live in places like this.
Related Cow fact articlesVet Street/Colleen Oakley, 7/12/12,"10 Interesting Facts You Didn't Know About Cows."  "It’s Cow Appreciation Day, and while we know that you value bovines for helping to create your favorite ice cream (especially in this weather!), there's more to this farm animal than just a bovine's ability to produce milk. 'Cows are excellent recyclers', says Dr. Mark Alley, DVM, a professor of bovine health at North Carolina State University. 'A lot of byproducts in the manufacturing of things like beer, candy bars and potato chips, which would otherwise end up in landfills, are actually an excellent feed source for cattle'.”  My Colleague, Class 2-218, Ms. Trupia, pdf pages 20, "Amazing facts about Cows."  One green planet,10/23/14, "Wow! Did You Know Cows Did These 10 Things?" Dairy Moos (the blog of a 3rd generation CA dairy farmer/the dairy guy, 12/2/12. "Interesting facts (24) about cows."

Note photographs.  Looking at you from Berkeley Campus Reform/Pardes Seleh, Correspondent, 513/15, "Berkeley students protest for cows' rights on Mother's Day." Brown cow image  from Pixabay

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