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Affordable, low income and homeless housing talks prior to Budget, CA Legislature

The Daily Journal/Associated Press/Alison Noon,4/26/16. "State lawmakers want $1.3B for housing: Funds would help organizations build multi-family housing; help local governments assist home buyers."

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Okay, this is affordable, but
help me find my house!
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Plenty of federal open
space in Pacifica
"SACRAMENTO — Democratic lawmakers called Monday for California to spend $1.3 billion next year to help workers afford housing and to shelter homeless people in response to the growing statewide issue. ...

.... In January, Senate Democrats, joined by some Republicans, proposed a $2 billion bond measure to build permanent housing to help the nation’s largest homeless population.  Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown was noncommittal on supporting either plan before budget negotiations get under way next month. ... 

....  Most of the funds in the Assembly plan would be distributed through competitive grants to help private organizations build multi-family housing and allow local governments to assist home buyers with down-payments or mortgages. A portion would provide emergency shelters for transient people and rentals for farm workers.

.... Assemblyman Marc Steinorth, R-Rancho Cucamonga, objected to using state funds to create 'a new generation of renters.' Steinorth, vice chairman of the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee, said he would prefer to see the Legislature remove fees and other hurdles to homeownership. 'We need to build our way out of this problem, not throw money at the problem,' Steinorth said." Read more.

Note photographs.  The presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, Press Release, 4/17/16, "Sanders details Affordable Housing Plan."  Affordable housing by Bancroft Medl/China Foto Press from Construction Review/Africa for Africa/Reports/Anthony Kiganda, 4/24/15,"Boosting affordable housing in Africa using Alternative Building Technology (ABTs)." 

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