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Senator Yee's 8th District continues 2 more years, then gone

 San Mateo County Times/Aaron Kinney, 3/18/12. "Redistricting gives San Mateo County a power boost."

San Mateo County will get a nice perk out of redistricting: two years of extra representation in the state Senate. Because of a quirk in the process of redrawing the state's electoral maps, county voters will get to elect a new state senator this November and keep the current one, Leland Yee, who has two years left in his second term. But some other Bay Area voters will go without an elected state senator until 2014.

It's a conundrum that occurs every 10 years when the state's legislative boundaries are redrawn. This time around, it means a temporary boost in clout for the central Peninsula. "Having an extra senator gives the county a greater voice," Yee said. "We may be able to cobble together enough votes to push through things the county really needs." The phenomenon is known as acceleration, which stems from California's staggered elections for its 40 Senate districts. Odd-numbered districts are up for a vote this year, while even-numbered districts aren't up until 2014. There's no such problem in the Assembly, where all seats are contested every two years, as opposed to four.

"Pacifica looks like Hawaii to me."
With most of San Mateo County changing from Yee's even-numbered Senate district, the 8th, to an odd-numbered district, the revamped 13th, many voters will return to the polls in 2012 just two years after casting a ballot in Yee's re-election bid. Other accelerated areas include Napa County, half of San Francisco, and parts of Alameda, Santa Clara, Voters whose districts switch from an even number to odd have the opposite circumstance: They spend two years as political orphans. The Senate plans for these regions, known as deferred areas, by delegating interim representatives. There are several deferred areas for 2013-14 in the Bay Area: Marin County, Castro Valley, Santa Clara and a sliver of San Jose.Solano and Sonoma counties.

"We take those areas and sort of hand them out to the logical successor that we presume would be representing that area," said Greg Schmidt, secretary of the California Senate. Voters in Marin County, for instance, may wind up being represented by Assemblywoman Noreen Evans, since they'll become part of her newly drawn 2nd District in 2014. A redistricting guru downplayed the practical importance of acceleration and deferral, cautioning San Mateo County residents not to pop any Champagne.

"It's probably better to be accelerated than deferred," said Paul Mitchell, owner of consulting firm Redistrict Partners. However, he added, "It's not like you're going to get a new college out of it or anything."  As for Yee, his 8th district is headed east, where starting in 2014 it will encompass a vast swath of territory from the Sierra Nevada foothills to the Nevada border. Until then, Yee will serve his phantom district in San Mateo County and western San Francisco while planning a 2014 campaign for California secretary of state.  Yee said his record of legislative accomplishments in the realm of open government dovetails nicely with the responsibilities of the office.

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Anonymous said...

What's up with that photo caption?

Kathy Meeh said...

At one of his town visits to Pacifica, Leland Yee said "I love coming over the hill to Pacifica, it reminds me of Hawaii."

Moe, Larry, and Curley said...

Senator Yee, in my opinion, is a political w----! 2006 Loeb convinced him to come out against the quarry development during his run for State Senate dispite the fact he knew absolutely nothing of the issues or the project or its impact on the economy here in Pacifica. Secretary of State! I wouldn't vote for him for secretary of Moronia.

Kathy Meeh said...

I wouldn't vote for him for secretary of Moronia. (Anon 319)


Steve Sinai said...

Yee was caught shoplifting in Hawaii. I hope he doesn't mean he comes to Pacifica to shoplift.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, one of Council's snazzy white plastic water carafes disappeared from Council Chambers just about then.

Kathy Meeh said...

Leland Yee will not become the next Secretary of State. I'll bet "$10,000" on it. Following Steve's year 2000 Chronicle link, I googled "Leland Yee - dirt", and here is the first article that came-up: SF weekly, 7/20/11. Anon (418) may have insight into the missing water carafes

Anonymous said...

SenYee used to troll for prostitutes , was then busted.

He was also quoted in the pac trib that soon california will have a "one party state".

He is another communist.

Anonymous said...

"He is another communist."

Anon 1155, and you're a Manchurian serial Fascist. Probably a good idea to legalize "the worlds oldest profession". And, I'm no fan of Senator Yee.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Anon 821, well Mitt Romney better not elected, all those kids and grand kids. Think how much travel, including crossing both boarders will cost YOU.

Here's the travel information warnings to Mexico (2/8/12), Columbia (2/22/12) and Nigeria (2/29/12). Mexico with proper identification should be easy enough to drive across the boarder, drive to Columbia if you wish. But, careful if you get stuck in Nigeria and send an email, some of your friends may not believe you.

Chief Naganogi-noogie said...

Great idea! Leland should be dispatched to Nigeria to investigate the origin of all those emails. Maybe appoint him our ambassador to Nigeria. They'd love him over there.

Anonymous said...

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Best friend Bill Ayers parents paid for his education. "oh, we are helping a foreign student"

Yes we are.

Good luck with that.

Ax said...

Secrets revealed, by your favorite Communist, Ax.

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It was precisely the kind of thing that Chicago's communists did in the 1940s, organizing groups with names like the American Peace Mobilization, which argued that America should stay out of World War II for purposes of peace when, in fact, the group's goal was to assuage Hitler because Hitler had signed a pact with Stalin. This is a crass example, yes, but it is indicative of the way that communists in Chicago and New York operated unceasingly for decades through the finely honed tactic of the front-group. The likes of the Canters, Frank Marshall Davis, and others were involved in innumerable front-groups in Chicago and elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Isn't obama's daughter in Oaxaca?

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Kathy Meeh said...

"Isn't obama's daughter in Oaxaca?" (Anon 11:28am)

From Associated press, She is safe, probably as are the 12 school kids she was traveling with.

Anonymous said...

FALSE INFORMATION from you as usual, Anon 735. And as usual, no attempt to back-up your wild ultra-right-wing, fictional political statements.

Factual information is available, find it. Or at least check your crazy assertions against Snopes. Example: Both of the Obama's paid for their education from scholarships and student loans.

The ongoing assault of faulty information, and promotion of draconian social issues is another reason the fascist "anti-intelligence" movement you associate with must fail.

Postman rings twice said...

Snopes is run by Obama. Snopes is unreliable. Snopes gets scrubbed of all negative info on the Communists in the White House.

Check out what a Postman says;

I love to watch you commies squirm. The Vetting of Barack Barry Hussein Soetero Obama begins.

Anonymous said...

I hope you're proud of all this garbage you incited, Meeh. You do the same thing to Fix Pacifica that Sue and Pete do to Pacifica.

Kathy Meeh said...

I hope you're proud of all this garbage you incited, Meeh"

Insult Anon 302, posting a San Mateo Times article with "no spin" is really dangerous for your mind, apparently.

"Inciting garbage?" Hello, I did not initiate national or city politics, or the "dirt" surrounding Senator Leland Yee. But, who knows what you've been posting.

Also, I'm not sure how re-posting articles, and my effort to participate in factual commentary on this blog has anything to do with sitting councilmembers Digre and DeJarnatt. What are you smoking?