Saturday, March 24, 2012

Response to Notice of Intent to Recall - Sue Digre

I say "Our environment is our economy"
"As a longtime Pacifican and veteran Councilmember, I am keenly aware of the passionate nature of politics in Pacifica.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  Pacificans care deeply and sometimes very personally about the issues. No one is going to be happy with every Council vote.  Some may even be unhappy with the outcome of measures put to a public vote, but this is our form of government.

The complaints made by the recall proponents are vaguer, ambiguous, and lack specifics.  It seem to me that these complaints are not of an individual nature.  Rather they may concern actions and decisions by several City Councils on a number of very complex issues.  The foundatin for a Council decision includes study, open discussion and public input.

I take my oath of office very seriously.  I have always carried out my duties with due diligence and great care.  I have never, nor would I ever, violate my oath of office or betray the voter's trust.  I am proud of our city and optimistic about our ability to create a vibrant Pacifica."

Sue Digre

Submitted by Therese Dyer

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

We still haven't seen the names of the signers of the notice of intent. Why are these cowards hiding? Publish their names so we know them.

Anonymous said...

They're doing much better with the new meds?

Anonymous said...

Letting you know who's name are from the notice of intent.Unfortunately, it is none of your business. And don't try to find out about it either. Our city is to be blamed by this council. You should be proud that there is still people that care about the way they run this city.

So if you think you get to know their names someday.You should bowed and thanks them. these people have courage.

Anonymous said...

"We still haven't seen the names of the signers of the notice of intent."

Really, those "cowards", just like you
Anonymous 1129. Hey, I saw the list, they were all Anonymous.

So, if you're interested call the city. My name was on it.

Anonymous said...

Anytime you preface a statement about Digre with "well, she's a nice lady,but" you know you have a problem. I don't want nice ladies making decisions on 25+ million dollar budgets. She needs to retire to Mazzetti's and hold court.

Anonymous said...

yeah bring on the not-so-nice ladies

todd bray said...

the cowards names are on file at city hall, just go in and ask to see the form

Hutch said...

Name calling? Nice.

Hutch said...

Wow, is that all Sue has to say for herself after a decade?

Anonymous said...

200 word limit to respond to a generic grab bag of complaints. What did you expect?

Kathy Meeh said...

Since 2003.. "that all Sue has to say for herself after a decade?" (Hutch 713)
Lets start a list:
1. Catchy marketing theme: "our environment is our economy."
2. Think marketing rather than economy.
3. Traffic solutions: "the shuttle".
4. Attend meetings, try to stay in the zone.
5. Save quarry "open space".
6. Vote with the majority, or no.
7. Attend meetings.
8. Assist a Planning Commissioner in violating the Brown Act.

Hutch said...

No Kathy, I think she built a trail to nowhere with Vreeland.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh you two. Nothing good ever comes from speed dating.