Friday, October 14, 2011

Noisy neighbor in Vallemar

I received the following from someone who lives in Vallemar. They've been having problems with a noisy neighbor, and asked if I could post their message to see if anyone else is in the same boat. If so, go ahead and post something in the comments section, or you can send info to, and I'll forward it.

Heard of any other noise complaints about a car stereo in Vallemar? I have been trying to pinpoint who it is so I can help create awareness of our city's noise ordinance. It's not on my block (Berendos @ Aurora Court) but as loud as it is one would suppose they were right in my driveway. This has been going on for several months. 

Any ideas or thoughts on how to help spread the word and, hopefully, be able to resolve this on the lowest level?

Posted by Steve Sinai


Anonymous said...

When are people in Vallemar not complaining??

If its not about the noise its about traffic!!

Anonymous said...

Next time you hear it why don't you take a walk and follow your ears to the source. Then, depending on what/who you find, you can take the opportunity to "create awareness of the noise ordinance" or just call the cops.

Anonymous said...

"Next time you hear it why don't you take a walk and follow your ears to the source."

Most people can infer that this is what this person has been doing and is simply seeking neighborly assistance. You are clearly not in the "most people" category.

Anonymous said...

Mea maxima culpa. With months to reflect, I realize I was unkind.