Sunday, October 9, 2011

Next Saturday, Oct 15th -Quentin Kopp Will Talk on Prop 13, "Three Strikes" Law and Gas Tax Spending at Pac Dem Breakfast Mtg


On next Saturday, October 15th 2011, the Honorable Quentin L. Kopp will be the guest speaker at the monthly breakfast meeting of the Pacifica Democrats, scheduled to be held in the rear banquet room of the Sharp Park Golf Course Restaurant, located at Hwy 1 and Sharp Park Blvd. in Pacifica.

He will provide the local Democratic club with current and historical observations on Proposition 13, the "Three Strikes Law" and gasoline tax spending. His report will be based on over 50 years of politics and elected public office.

Kopp, a graduate of Dartmouth University and Harvard Law School, is a former member of both the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and the California State Senate. He is also a retired San Mateo County Superior Court judge who, upon retirement from the San Mateo County Court system in January of 2004, was immediately accepted into the Assigned Judges Program of the California Judicial Council. By order of the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court, Judge Kopp has been assigned almost continuously to the San Mateo Superior Court since February of 2004, with intermittent assignments to the Los Angeles Superior Court, Humboldt Superior Court, Sonoma Superior Court, Napa Superior Court and Santa Cruz Superior Court.

His list of involvements and accomplishments is long and stellar. As an elected local and state legislator for several years, Judge Kopp has served as a leader on virtually every regional govermental policy-making body affecting the Bay Area including membership on the Boards of the following: Chairman of the  Metropolitan Transportation Commission, Director of  the Bay Area Rapid Tranist (BART), President of the County Supervisors Association of California (CSAC), Director of the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District and Chairman of the California High Speed Rail Authority.

Members of the general public are invited to attend. It is neither necessary to be a Democrat, nor a club member, to attend the Pacifica Democrats monthly breakfast meetings. All are welcome.

A full breakfast is provided for $12; continental - $6 and coffee only for $3. Doors open at 9:00 a.m. Seating is between 9:00 a.m. and 9: 30 a.m. Meeting begins at 9:30 a.m. and runs until 11:30 a.m. If any questions, or to RSVP, please call 415-246-0775 or email

Submitted by Barbara Arietta


Anonymous said...

Once again the Pacifica Democrats under the leadership of Barbara Arietta has invited a a reactionary non-Democrat to speak at the Democrats Club. What would be a timely subject for those of you submitting questions would by his analysis of the Brown Act since at the March 5th 2009 board meeting of the Rail Authority in Sacramento Kopp tried to hastily cure the record by departing from the Board's meeting agenda and attempted to conduct an ad hoc vote of those board members in attendance regarding a project never provided to the public and without any advance notice, a maneuver that the Train Riders Association of California (TRAC) considered a clear and egregious violation of the Brown Act. Let's see of the self-righteous Fix Pacifica crowd take umbrage.

Anonymous said...

so don't go

The Weatherman said...

I don't take umbrage unless it looks like rain.

Kathy Meeh said...

Anon (305), you're an idiot. From the outside, you are making-up "new rules" for the Pacifica Democrats organization who invite in civic leaders-- while at the same, time calling "the Fix Pacifica crowd" (those who post) self-righteous. Guess that's you. Okay....

Well maybe, Bill Collins, follow the wisdom of Anons (316) and (427).

Anonymous said...

When is calling someone an idiot not a personal attack?

Thomas H. Clifford said...

I hope to be able to attend this meeting. All that history and knowledge in one man an he wants to share.

Anonymous said...

anon@459 I know that one! I've got it! The answer is...when you're Kathy Meeh.

Kathy Meeh said...

"...calling someone an idiot not a personal attack?"

Anon (459) my comment to you at 4:54pm was direct, factual and posted under a real name, no anonymous weasel name. Your 3:05pm comment was underhanded, not credible and idiotic.

1. You called the Fix Pacifica blog posters "self-righteous", whereas your entire Fix Pacific paragraph (305) gave direct criticism to a whole list of "others", which is classic self-righteousness.

2. You determined that the Pacifica Democrats organization should change their leadership, bylaws, mission, and their choice of outside speakers. You further indicated that the Pacifica Democrats organization should exist under YOUR "new rules".

3. I agree with Anon (316) that you should stay home, but most of us will attend the 10/15 Honorable Quentin Kopp guest speaker meeting, because as Barbara Arietta (Club President) has pointed out, Kopp's "list of accomplishments is long and stellar."

From my view, Anon (459) you leave no choice but to conclude through your own comments that you are an "idiot", and that is not a personal attack is it Bill Collins?

Anonymous said...

Again, when is calling someone an idiot not a personal attack?

ian butler said...

Q. when is calling someone an idiot not a personal attack?

A. When that someone is named Anonymous. However, if you call someone named Anonymous an idiot AND you also call them Bill Collins, then it is a personal attack.

Anonymous said...

seems a little schizo to allow anonymous posts and then get all indignant when posters want to remain anonymous
if i call someone an idiot, anonymously or otherwise, you better believe it's a personal attack and i would fully expect retaliation

Kathy Meeh said...

Well, there is a bunch of you indignant NIMBYS out there today, void of tracking the actual issues.

From my 4:54pm comment, there was no denial from Anonymous that the poster was not Bill Collins (not then and not now), so that appears to be a positive: Bill Collins.

So, for those of you who like hiding in the shadows and sniping, how much respect do you think you deserve? Lets just level the playing field. The Anonymous attack at 3:05pm was quite clear, and from those comments Bill Collins is top of the list. Regardless, the comments were idiotic based upon what he said, and I consider that a fact, not a smear.

Anon (839) you want to play devious anonymous "hit games", a total waste of time for most of us? Why would I care if you "get all indignant" when you are smoked-out based upon your own words.

Anonymous said...

Kathy Meeh is apparently all about the personal attacks, even when she doesn't actually know the person she is attacking.

Steve Sinai said...

Jeez louise peppa cheese - I turn moderation off, and in one day the comments degenerate into this.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Anon (944), you must be the same as Schizo Anon (839), welcome to our diversity of one. That "Fix Pacifica crowd" with names just keep attacking us personally. Its all so unfair to us Anons.

Mitch Reid said...

From what I can read here, Bill never posted on this thread, but somehow Kathy brought Bill's name into it with no explained connection other than:

"and from those comments Bill Collins is top of the list."

Top of what list? Kathy's personal hate list?

There is a big difference between saying a person's comments are "idiotic", versus outright calling them an "idiot".

These numerous personal attacks from Kathy specifically directed at Bill are extremely slanderous and an ongoing attempt to smear Bill's character.

Next we get to see how my comments here will be twisted into some crazy notion that I am somehow calling Kathy bad names, go to it.

cat in the hat said...


you know the old saying

when the cat is away the mice/rats come out to play

Kathy Meeh said...

Welcome to our NIMBY Anon defense team Mitch. It just like everything else some of us promote in this city: if it walks like a BC and talks like a BC, it must not be a BC. Isn't that the way you see it?

Now you have added an innovative suggestion that the factual repeat of what Anon (ur Bill Collins) himself said is "extremely slanderous"? What a simply solid defense of "Bill's character" that is.

And, you can also argue that Anons like us that wage attacks, promote false information and attack people with names have extreme privacy rights. And that the distinction between idiotic and idiot is clear (no offense to those with lower IQs).

Steve Sinai said...

No commenting while under the influence, please.

Anonymous said...

I am the original "anonymous", I didn't make any follow-up posts. What I find laughable is that Meeh et al (the Fix Pacifica crowd) are quick to deflect my criticism of the selection of Kopp into this pissing match rather then address the criticism. It's a tired old tactic out of the Fox News/teaparty playbook, and I'm sorry to see some people fall for it.

Let's be clear - Meeh claims that I'm making up "new rules" - bunk, this is just her knee jerk reaction to legitimate criticism that the leadership of the Pacifica Democrats has a tin ear and is more in step with the tea party then core Democratic values. When was the last time we had a speaker on:

-- Women, minority and gender rights?
-- Environmental justice?
-- Equality and Diversity?
-- Youth issues?

Instead we get Quentin Kopp? Give me a break. I could go on and on. So what we get is another smear attack by Meeh et al with words like "idiot" and NIMBY attacks. Well no one is fooled by this deflection. The issue I raised was Kopp's Brown Act violation - a pertinent topic that has brought calls for our Planning Commission to resign en masse, but apparently not applicable to Mr. Kopp.

And then there is the stupid, ridiculous juveniles musings to turn the conversation into guessing who is anonymous as if that rises to any level if importance. I note that Mr. Collins in the past has been vocal, up front, and posted screeds in Riptide under his own name. Seems to me he wouldn't have a second thought about criticizing the leadership of the DC publicly, after all he's done it befor. I have my reasons to post anonymously and it's my privilege. I don't care about the name calling, I like watching your heads explode. But those posting openly are STILL targeted for their opinions by the Fix Pacifica crowd who are happy to unsheath their verbal knives at the slightest criticism, real or imagined.

I hope real Democrats in Pacifica finally come to their senses and clean house - it's time to kick these reactionaries to the curb.

Take over Wall Street / Take over Palmetto

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:26am, are you a communist?

Kathy Meeh said...

"Take over Palmetto"

What does that mean? Palmetto sure isn't "Wall Street". Anyhow Anon, ur Bill Collins or clone (1026), you protest way to much and have lost focus on the 3 points I made about what YOU said, 10/9, 7:54pm.

Based upon what you've said then and now, you're still an "idiot" from my view (not a smear, a fact). And, would you comment under your own name on Riptide, while commenting on Fix Pacifica as Anonymous? Of course you would and have.

Steve Sinai said...

That's enough, Kathy.

Kathy Meeh said...

Yes master....