Sunday, October 2, 2011

Foster City takes second look at housing options

October 01, 2011, 04:13 AM Daily Journal staff report

If all goes according to plan, Foster City will have a developer picked by the middle of October to construct senior housing on the 15 acres of prime land the city owns adjacent to the Peninsula Jewish Community Center.

The council and public will hear for the second time this Monday the development proposals for the property from both Sares-Regis and a group called Foster City Community Partners, a consortium of several builders, including the nonprofit Mid-Peninsula Housing Corporation.

The council is expected to pick one of the two groups to develop the site at its Oct. 17 meeting and enter into a 60-day exclusive negotiating period thereafter.

A mixed-use senior housing complex called Mirabella was slated to be built on the land previously, but financing for the project fell apart last year and the city was forced to seek more proposals for the site once set aside for a high school.

Both development proposals were first presented to the City Council Sept. 6 before a packed council chambers.

“Village Square” is the vision of Sares-Regis in conjunction with Northern California Presbyterian Homes and Services, Mercy Housing and Bank of America/Merrill Lynch.

Sares-Regis wants to acquire the land outright rather than craft a lease agreement.

The Community Partners plan, which includes a retail town square, seeks to leverage existing assets like Leo J. Ryan Park and look at five projects that are complementary rather than one big development that might be more difficult to finance.


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Anonymous said...

Interesting. Must be the "graying" of Foster City. No anticipated need for another high school but a vibrant public/private partnership for senior housing and lite retail. Propose something like that for the quarry and you'd get push back from the usual NIMBYs but propose the housing element for the Oddstad School site and you'd meet a whole new never-before-seen gang of NIMBYs. The demand for senior housing could be a winner for this town but Pacifica has never seen an opportunity it couldn't miss.

Anonymous said...

Some of you on this blog would call me a NIMBY, ask me if I care.

The Senior Citizen/Disabled Veteran Facility Proposed Project on Oddstad is a Good Idea. I vote for it to get built, ASAP.

I am against widening the highway. I want it fixed with a wide shoulder for emergency problems.

WWTP-Should be used for a New Library, New City Hall, Ocean Discovery.

Nicks Rest-Renovation with New Hotel, ASAP.

There, that's a start.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, which is another reason why the NIMBYs are so hypocritical. A true environmentalist would support housing that migrates people from wasteful single family homes into denser communities because it's the only solution that could ever support better mass transit opportunities.

todd bray said...

Anon @ 9:47 I agree with constructing the shoulders.

the wise owl says said...

who asked you 11:46am??

Anonymous said...

OMG anon@1038 has a new one size fits all mantra. Exactly!