Saturday, October 8, 2011

Half Moon Bay Councilman and Medical Cannabis on Wavelength

This month on Wavelength, PCT's award winning TV show, Ian interviews "Farmer" John Muller, Half Moon Bay City Councilman; and Mike Lause, a local medical cannabis activist.

You can watch those shows and many others anytime at Or watch them on cable cannel 26 in Pacifica or cable 27 in Half Moon Bay, Mondays at 6:30 PM.

Submitted by Ian Butler


Thomas H. Clifford said...

Until the Federal Government comes up with a medical cannabis law of it's own States will be at the mercy of changes in enforcement policy. Those who are in favor medical cannabis need to put pressure on the Feds.

I do not smoke MJ myself but believe that prohibition does not work and any law that the majority of people routinely break is a bad law.

Anonymous said...

Federal law always supersedes State law!!!