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Recology of the Coast, 2016 cost reduction explained

Side conversation which began from a conversation on the a Fix Pacifica reprint article, 11/3/15, Meet City Attorney Michelle Kenyon, Comments from Chris Porter, General Manager of Recology of the Coast, 11/7/15, 12:49 p.m 4:21 p.m, and 11/8/15, 2:12 p.m.

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Understanding the Pacifica 2016 cost reduction.  "....  The reason there is a 10% rate reduction (9.37% monthly) is due to reduced costs and not overcharging.  

Recology has been in operation for five years so are depreciated assets have mostly been satisfied. Fuel went down as did the rent at the recycling yard after a new lease was negotiated with the new owners by management of ROTC. The hours at the yard were reduced due to reduced customer participation and reallocated to the additional curbside bulky item pickups. Routes have been realigned for efficiency.Recycling is part of your service and you do not pay specifically for recycling but as part of the overall service.

Half Moon Bay does not have a recycling yard, three curbside bulky pickups or compost recycling (food in the greenwaste). Seems this service isn't close to what Pacificans receive. Under Recology Pacifica has one of the highest diversion rates in the State of California.

We have worked very hard on these programs and educating the public on how to reduce their individual garbage service payment rates by recycling. I will repeat again that anyone using a 20 gallon cart (50% of our customer base) because they were able to reduce from a 32 gallon cart because of all our programs is paying less now than they did in 2009!"

Educating the public
Pacifica 20 gallon cart history, 6 years.  Did a quick review from when Recology purchased Coastside Scavenger from then owner Louie Picardo in 2/2010. The twenty gallon cart price was as follows with no compost and 3 crate style recycling bins:  2010 20 gallon cart $19.28. 

2011, food waste composting begins with 64 gallon compost cart and large 96 gallon cart with much improved recycling:  2011 20 gallon cart $20.24;  2012 20 gallon cart $22.95; 2013 & 2014 20 gallon cart $23.38; 2015 20 gallon cart $23.82;  2016 20 gallon cart $21.59.  Do a comparison of our programs to Daly City. Oh, I forgot, they don't even offer a 20 gallon cart.

We submit a budget to the City every year with an audited financial statement of our previous year's income and expenses. The numbers add up to what we need, an increase, a decrease or a breakeven point. As I stated, many of the expenses either went away or were reduced."

Reference. The company, Recology of the Coast,  Facebook.  2016 rate adjustment (9.37% monthly), City Council meeting, 11/9/15, Item 4,  Report/Resolution, pdf pages 4,  2015-2016 Rate Schedule comparison, pdf pages 3.    

Related article, Half Moon Bay Review, 11/5/15, "MWSD proposes near 50 percent hike."  Note photographs from Recology of the Coast Facebook reference, each page includes a captioned story Management and Customer Service, 38;  Spring compost giveaway, 9; Earth Day educating, 8.

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Anonymous said...

Can anyone break down the rate increases by year?

Seems like there's been so many.

Kathy Meeh said...

1227, view the article. The annual rate adjustments are listed: 2010 through 2016 (to 2017), total 7 years. The average cost is $22.09.
Such periodic rate adjustments (mostly upward adjustments) exist in most other services as well.

Anonymous said...

Those don't match the rates on my bills for the last five years.

Kathy Meeh said...

320, you again. For help, call the phone number on your Recology of the Coast bill, or 911.

Chris Porter said...

Then 3:20pm, you are not using a 20 gallon cart.