Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fassler Avenue residential development back on track

Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff Writer, 11/11/15, "New Fassler Avenue development proposed."

Image result for 801 Fassler Avenue Pacifica, CA picture
This is a tiny conceptual view of
what may be 801 Fassler Avenue
residential development, 10/2016
Image result for 801 Fassler Avenue Pacifica, CA picture
Current undeveloped view
of 801 Fassler Avenue
 ... "Samir Sharma of Terra Holdings took over an 11.2 acre site at 801 Fassler Ave. In 2004, the city certified an EIR for “The Prospects” 29 residential units. However, the entitlements lapsed and no building was ever done. ....The new owner now requests the city consider the Fassler Avenue Residential Project with 24 condominium units in 12 duplex buildings..... Most of the units will have a living area, garage, porch, deck and private yard, with a few exceptions.  

....  Construction is expected to begin next July and be going on Monday through Friday and Saturday as needed. Infrastructure will take five months to build. Final grading to Fassler Avenue will take another four months. The full build out is expected to be completed by December 2017.

The draft EIR discloses possible effects in the areas of aesthetics, biological resources, geology and soils, hydrology, water quality, transportation and traffic.  Responses to the draft EIR are due by Nov. 17. Send comments to Kathryn Farbstein, Assistant Planner, 1800 Francisco Blvd. Pacifica, CA 94044 or email"  Read article.

Related article - Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff Writer, 3/18/14,"Planning Commission studies proposed development on Fassler Avenue." "Planning Commission met Monday in a study session about building 24 condominium units on an 11-acre vacant lot at 801 Fassler Avenue northwest of the Sea Crest condos. .... The new owner proposes a different shape and layout. .... Vehicle access will be provided off Fassler Avenue. ..."
Reference, the developer.  Terra Holdings/about, "Terra Holdings is a lifestyle property developer engaged in the creation & completion of residential developments in the premier real estate marketplace of Silicon Valley. Terra’s developments cater to the growing needs of sophisticated & trendy homebuyers and entrepreneurs who value quality living and a finer lifestyle, as well as small and medium enterprise partners looking to invest with local, on the ground expertise. Terra’s property development projects are typically located in choice areas that are easily accessible and feature prominent lifestyle elements. Project Gallery/completed/current/upcoming. 

Reference, City process.  Council Agenda, 7/27/15, " Approval of Contract with WRA , Inc. to Perform Environmental Review Services in Connection with a Proposed Project of 24 Condominium Units at 801 Fassler Avenue (Development Plan DP-75-14, Rezoning RZ-192-14, Specific Plan SP-149-14, Subdivision SUB-224-14, and Variance PV-512-14)." Prior proposed project Environmental documents approved for this site, City of Pacifica, 4/2007.

Note photographs, 801 Fassler Avenue. Developed  from the Terra Holdings (reference above). Undeveloped land from Zillow, posted in a Fix Pacifica Planning Commission article, 3/17/14. The "smiley face" (not) of Tom Clifford viewing the project is found in the 11/11/15 article, you'll have to open the link to see that, here. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

The hippies over on Riptide are already screaming about this. Especially Maybury.

Anonymous said...

1024 They howl and you snort and snuffle. It's a freakin' barnyard.

Anonymous said...

No way in the world the hippies will allow anything to ever be built in the quarry.


It's not up to the hippies. Stop deferring to them.
They are clueless hypocrites who only care about their selfish little world view.
This gang of whiners, liars and litigators have wrecked our city and will continue to do so if we let them.
It's time for the adults to stand up and make some sound economic and environmental decisions for the sustainability of Pacifica for ALL of it's citizens.

The Hippies Rule Pacifica said...

The Hippies run this town. It's been that way for over 30 years.

Anonymous said...

10:24 - Maybury doesn't live in Pacifica anymore. He can holler but don't pay attention to him. His deceptively-titled blog only has power if it is given to him. Frankly, he shouldn't even have a column in the Pacifica Tribune anymore because he doesn't live here.

12:46 - the hippies run this town because the rest of the people in Pacifica allow them to run this town. The Hippies/Nobies/IGMs are organized and take action. While the majority of folks may not agree, if they remain silent and too busy to take action, what's been going on for 30 years will continue.

Anonymous said...

Same people bitchin about new building are bitchin about high rent. Obvious basic economics challenged.

Anonymous said...

"His deceptively-titled blog only has power if it is given to him"

'Riptide' is a deceptive title for a blog? Okay man, whatever you say. Maybe you've had enough to drink for tonight.

Anonymous said...

403 I want to thank you for all the entertainment you provide. Funny stuff and lots and lots and lots of it!

Anonymous said...

610 Oh I think he just likes the sound of "deceptively-titled" and the hyphen. Yeah, it's the hyphen.

Kathy Meeh said...

610, 630, 633 what 403 said is reality. So who has been drinking or smoking something? What ever it is, your comments are high on something.
Rather, you and your NIMBY pals could "get real" and join with those who would support infrastructure improvement and solutions for this City. But when it comes to that it seems your team is all "dope".

Anonymous said...

My body is a temple, Kathy. I'm just high on hilarity. Thanks, again, 403!

Master Po said...


Like the Maharishi says, "Show me a man whose body is a self described temple, and I'll show you a man whose mind is a cup of clam chowder."

Anonymous said...

Where I come from we'd call the guy a chowderhead. The Maharishi is a hippie.

Anonymous said...

To those who didn't understand what I meant by "deceptively-titled": I was referring to the use of "PACIFICA" in the title, not the word "Riptide"!

Anonymous said...

There are bigger issues. Viva la France!