Friday, May 21, 2010

Vote for CA State Superintendent of public instruction

State of California Department of Education

Eh gad there are 12 candidates, how to begin sifting through this? Article from Inside Bay Area 5/18/10 "Among the dozen candidates, there are three serious contenders: Larry Aceves, Gloria Romero and Tom Torlakson".  UC Davis held a 1:23 hour forum 3/15/10 which includes Larry Aceves, Tom Torlakson and Diane A. Lenning. Gloria Romero could not attend. Here's the connection to that webcast video (Windows Media, Flash Video, QuickTime) .

Who to vote for?
1.  Larry Aceves -  endorsements from several superintendents,
2.  Gloria Romero -
3.  Tom Torlakson* - huge list of endorsements,  (scroll all the way down)
4.  Diane A Lenning- various endorsements,

Recommendations (so far)
California Teachers Association (CTA) recommends Tom Torlakson (bottom of page 1).
5/18/10. Oakland Tribune newspaper editorial recommends Larry Aceves.
5/20/10. Santa Rosa Press Democrat newspaper recommends Gloria Ramero .

Local connections
Tom Torlakson is the brother of Jim Torlakson who lives in Pacifica and teaches college level Art. Tom Torlakson is generally known as a "good guy".  "He listens and gives due consideration" (Bruce Hotchkiss).  Tom Torlakson  responds to the Governors State of the State address

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Cathy C said...

Vote for Diane Lenning, the only candidate with Republican Endorsements, and the only candidate who is not beholden to the unions.

The 2 termed out senators, Torlakson and Romero, voted for a pro-communist education bill in August 2008. SB1322 would have allowed members of the Communist Party to teach in public schools, and get a paycheck from taxpayers. Arnold vetoed it.

Larry Aceves was the president of the ACSA, a "union" for administrators. He will be just like Jack O'Connell, with lots of experiments, and lots of money spent on new programs and travel.

Elect a fiscal conservative who will use the education budget wisely. Diane won't whine about the decrease in tax revenues. She will work with what we have.

Diane Lenning will put back a civics requirement for HS graduation. The unions took out this important training for our children. I guess liberals think having a dumbed down electorate is the way to go, since it makes it easier to have a Nanny government in place.

Kathy Meeh said...

Cathy, any of the above candidates would likely be good choices for CA State Superintendent of Schools. The analysis of CALIFORNIA SB 1322 indicates that both the CA Teachers Association (CTA) and the American Federation of Teacher (AFT) supported that 2008 bill (see page 7, bottom).

Your candidate choice Diane Lenning was the CTA union "local/state/national representative". CTA is the primary teacher union in the State of CA. In her own words "I was elected High School Segment Director among 2,400 colleagues for my local union board, and served on the board for eight years. I also served many years as a local delegate to our union monthly meetings." REFERENCE .

Yes, Diane Lenning is also an Orange County Republican leader.

I voted for Tom Torlakson because he appears to be the best "all round" qualified person for the job. Larry Aceves is not associated with unions but school superintendents. Gloria Romero (the reform candidate) is interesting.

The "communism issue" in this country from my view is really a 50 year+ dead issue, used as a retro-scare tactic. The current scare in this country is the state-of-the-economy and the rise of the "no nothings".