Thursday, May 6, 2010

Camping banned at Bolinas Beach

I was interested to hear about the ban on camping from Bolinas Beach on KTVU Ch 2 news this evening. More info can be found at this link:
Of specific interest to Pacificans who do not support SAVING SHARP PARK GOLF COURSE  I extracted the following statements from the article for your consideration:

“Bolinas Beach will be closed to year-round camping as county supervisors Tuesday approved a ban aimed at promoting health and safety while curbing pollution, noise, fire danger, traffic and other ills.
Campers triggered health and safety concerns as the nearest public toilets are a quarter-mile away. Litter, noise, rowdy behavior, fireworks, campfires and parking congestion also were at issue.
Of specific import to our organization is that the ban will discourage homelessness and vagrancy, discourage sales and distribution of illegal drugs, free up parking for day users who contribute to our local economy and most importantly, create a safer environment for our community, especially
Fifty-six percent of Bolinas residents who cast advisory ballots in a Bolinas Community Public Utility District election last November endorsed a year-round ban. The measure has also won support from the Bolinas Community Land Trust and the Bolinas Fire Protection District.”

I seem to remember many folks expressing the desire for the golf course to reborn as a National Park with the fences knocked down and camping availability. Is this what we really want? I do hope Pacificans and Sharp Park neighbors in particular think carefully about promoting this agenda.

Sharon Smoliarz

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