Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sight and insight by light bulb

Sight. Recognize this retro light bulb design? Its the modern green LED light bulb from "frog design" aka: "frogware": no mercury, better efficiency and light, lasts 30 years. Article from Clean Techies . "frog design" is a forward thinking design and world humanistic improvement company

Insight. The light bulb is also a familiar symbol which seemingly prompts us on a transitory basis to think, to be more aware, more efficient, to reason, influences attitudes and creative solutions. A scientific research study from Tufts University (5/4/10) suggests the light bulb symbol itself is influential, rather than variations on the light it produces.

Symbol association which evokes mental/chemical/emotional response is referred to in psychology as the "priming effect". Quick definition . Symbols have the potential for both positive and negative affectation. Insight is one, others include persuasion, manipulation, and propaganda. Here's how that works in advertising, food/eating behavior study.

Why this article? I was looking for a picture of a light bulb on google, and today (5/6/10) came across this Life Science syndicated article in Tehran Times, Iran's leading international daily newspaper, small connected world.

Posted by Kathy Meeh

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