Monday, May 10, 2010

April Vargas out door knocking today

April Vargas, knocked on the door today and she was out introducing herself. We started talking about the City Of Pacifica and she knew exactly what my concerns where going to be.

We chatted for about 15 minutes and she took notes on my comments.

First time someone running for office came out with the door knocking approach.

We both agreed that is the best way to get the public to know a candidate 

Submitted by Jim Alex

*Editor's note - April is running for 3rd District San Mateo County Supervisor 


Steve Sinai said...

April deserves credit for walking the neighborhoods, and if she's elected she may turn out to be a perfectly fine supervisor. But right now, my concern with her starts when I look at her list of endorsements. It includes many of the same business-hostile locals who have gotten the city into such a financial mess.

Scotty said...

I would also re-emphasize that her response was that "Vargas replied that she hasn't taken a formal position on the issue as yet" when asked about Sharp Park. I don't know the woman, but to me that sounds like a political weasel who wants to avoid ticking off her environmental buddies while at the same time avoid alienating the sensible people who are in favor of keeping one of Pacifica's very few revenue drivers.

I get enough of that garbage from our city council and have no desire to double-dip at the county level.

Just for the Articles said...

April Vargas? Wasn't she a Playboy Playmate of the Month a few years back?

Laurie Frater said...

When she spoke at the Pacifica Democrats' meeting, her most fervent supporters inside the room - those who were handing out her campaign materials, etc., - were some of the same people I'd seen in other venues speaking in support of Brent Plater's attempt to "restore" the golf course.

I'll be voting for Don Horsley!

Anonymous said...

A vote for April is a vote for bankruptcy. County and city.

The Wandering Blunderer said...

You'e all a bunch of assholes with your truths, strike that, personal attacks on April Vargas.

Kathy Meeh said...

April's volunteers were knocking on my door yesterday, thought they were that religious group and met them with my Buddhist literature.

They were nice, and took it well when I told them I'll be voting for Don Horsley because he has a lot of can-do experience, supports jobs and green building, and reflects my values. I also agree with him on county representation "at large by region representation"-- we need county cooperation to get anything done, and if the issue is them (Peninsula) vs. us (Coastside)we loose.

I think April is a nice lady, but we don't need more open spacey.


If you watch the Montara Fog videos, it is a "no brainer" that Don Horsley is the best candidate. He has it all and it won't cost us anything since he will not take a salary